10 Hilarious Differences Between Single And Committed People

Being a single person essentially makes you feel like you can do anything you want. However, you can also feel quite lonely, especially when you are no longer hanging out with your friends or family.

However, being taken can also make you feel like you can no longer be as crazy as you want to be. But is this a good thing after all? Different people experience various changes whenever they are in a relationship, but some things seemingly remain the same for most people.

What exactly are these common differences between single and taken people? Check out the story below.

1. You have no money when you are taken.
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When you were still single, you had enough money to drink alcohol, go to parties, buy computer games, and go wherever you want. Now, you have to prepare enough cash for monthly gifts, weekly dates, and expensive surprise events.

2. You no longer hang out with your squad as much.
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Back then, you and your squad would go to music festivals or even just to the nearby mall to eat, drink, and have fun. Now, you can’t be as available as you were back then because you love being alone with your partner.

3. Being in a relationship has changed the way you pick movie seats.
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When you were single, you would just pick the best seat, which was right in the middle section. But since you already have a wonderful lover, you sometimes pick the corner seats because you might just want to get intimate with him or her during the movie.

4. Having phone calls takes longer than usual.
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Back when you were single, you had nothing to talk about. Now, you have a lot to say and explain because you are so madly in love with another person.

5. Even drinking has changed a bit for you.
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Being single means going out with your friends for a wild night, characterised by having too many beers for you to handle. Now, you still drink, but you have to be classy.

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