10 Hilarious Differences Between Single And Committed People

6. Adding friends on social media is now just an option.
Image via longwood
When you were not in a relationship, you wanted to add as m any people as you can because you just want to form a casual connection on Facebook. Now, you get to be picky about who gets to talk to you online.

7. You also pay so much attention to your looks now.
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You thought you didn’t need to look clean because you were not trying to impress anyone. But now, you always want to look good.

8. You are more careful since you have someone to protect.
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Before, you were all about risking your life and having fun. Now, you want to live a long life so you can spend it with your partner.

9. Of course, you also have someone to love.
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When you were still single, you had no one to hold hands with. But things have changed as you can hug and kiss someone for as much as you want.

10. You are so sweet when it comes to texting.
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At the time of being single, you barely replied to anyone. Now that you have a partner, you always check your phone and say the sweetest things.
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