10 Things That Will Take No Time In Ruining Your Relationship

Being in a relationship is an incredibly wonderful feeling. To know that you are loved and that you are capable of providing love and support should always be appreciated. However, falling in love and staying in love are the two different feelings. It is easy to fall for someone, but managing to stay with that person for a long time takes courage.

For one, couples should avoid any of these things below.

1. Cheating should never be an option.
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Obviously, this is one thing you do not want to happen. If you feel that you are no longer attracted to someone, don’t just find another person to have an illicit relationship with. End things properly, without hurting your partner further.

2. You don’t spend enough quality time together.
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Sure, having a well-paying job and a decent house is necessary for life, but a relationship needs priceless moments that can only happen if the two of you are willing to set aside a couple of hours to simply be with each other.

3. Believing that having secrets are not lies is foolish.
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Sure, you are not rejecting anything that is said by your partner, but you are also not telling anything important. Don’t be angry when your partner accuses you of lying, because the excuse that having secrets is not lying is simply not true. You are hiding something from your lover, and that is bad.

4. Spending too much time can also lead to a breakup.
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You need to find the perfect balance between being away and being together. Being separated for a long time breaks the intimacy, but being close all the time can make you too comfortable.

5. Do not be in a new relationship if you have not moved on from your ex.
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This is an obvious reason, but so many people still commit this mistake. You cannot just get someone attached to you romantically if you still have not even moved on from your past relationship.

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