10 wonderful childish pastimes that will help any adult lighten up their mood

Modern life often leads us to overstrain ourselves, which leads in turn to discomfort, a bad mood, and overall exhaustion. To cope with this condition, we suggest trying art therapy. Self-expression through art lowers your anxiety and gives you comfort and positive emotions.

Coloring books

Julia Snegireva / behance.net

If you feel overanxious, it’s time to put aside your gadgets for the time being and color in some monochrome patterns. Psychologists say that choosing colors and color combinations results in relaxation of certain areas of the brain — including the amygdalae, which are responsible for shaping your emotions.

Finger painting


Charlotte Lamy, Myriam Moisan / behance.net

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then this wonderful method of self-expression is for you. Imagine you’re thousands of years back in time and attempting rock painting.


Ira Carella / behance.net

This traditional Japanese form of art is about repetitive actions, and teaches concentration and patience. When you duly follow the instructions step by step, you get fascinating results and a feeling of pride for a good job well done to boot.

Chalk drawing

Mark Lewis Wagner / behance.net

Remember how you liked drawing on asphalt in your childhood? Fresh air, inspiration, bright chalk colors, and literally infinite space for creation. Bathe in the warm spring sun, draw whatever you feel like, play tic-tac-toe, or leave inspiring messages for passers-by — any of these will definitely take your worries away and improve your (and not only your) mood.