10 wonderful childish pastimes that will help any adult lighten up their mood

Match sculptures

Helen Stanger / behance.net

Try miniature architecture. Start with simple constructions, and then go on to more complicated objects. You will have to concentrate and follow an algorithm — and that’s exactly what you need to free yourself from all unnecessary thoughts.

Clay modeling

Ilona Belous / behance.net

If you haven’t tried modeling with polymer clay, we strongly recommend you do it as soon as possible. The feeling of this wonderfully soft material changing beneath your fingers can really help you relax, and afterwards you’ll be able to admire your own hand-made decorations.

Sand drawing


Making patterns using colorful sand grains is incredibly relaxing. This has its origins in Tibetan traditions. Thousands of years ago, monks put themselves into a meditative state with the help of sand drawing, and they still do it today. Why not try it yourself?



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