10 wonderful childish pastimes that will help any adult lighten up their mood

Paper carving

Jotaká / behance.net

If you don’t feel like using pencils or felt pens, you can arm yourself with scissors and create shapes or abstract pictures from thick paper. For those who are trying this for the first time, it’s better to start with the latter, as you can’t spoil the result this way.

Kinetic sculptures


Maud Vantours / behance.net

Try creating three-dimensional applications that will tremble a little with every gust of wind. The main principle here is balance. To start off, take some wool, colored paper, pompoms, twigs, or anything else — and go ahead!

Paper garlands

FollowingIMGasddsaaZara Picken / behance.net

This one is a mix of paper-cutting and chain-glueing. The repetitive action involved is relaxing, and you could do this forever. How about trying to beat the 2013 record? That was 45,282 dolls in a chain of 4549.7 meters!