12 Photos That Appear To Be Photoshopped, But Are Actually Frighteningly Real!

The development of Photoshop has allowed both professional photographers and ordinary people to manipulate photos in spectacular ways with relative ease. While some people are so terrible at Photoshop that it’s painful to see, others are so good that they are able to make the impossible look real.
But while these 12 photos might look like something that couldn’t be done without photo retouching magic, the truth is far more amazing: they haven’t been edited at all!

1. A terrifying dust storm in Australia.
Image via cloudinary

2. That’s not a terribly misplaced cruise ship. It’s a South Korean hotel.
Image via cloudinary

3. French graffiti artist Tilt put his mark on half of this room, and left the other half entirely white.
Image via cloudinary

4. A big green ball of grass? Nope. It’s an optical illusion on perfectly flat pavement near Paris’s city hall.
Image via cloudinary

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