14 Creative things for your house that you can make out of corks

Over time, we seem to accumulate a lot of corks. But don’t hurry to throw them out, there are a lot of things you can make out of them that look nice, and can also be useful.
We at Bright Side have also collected a couple dozen of them, and think that it would be nice to make a picture…or a candle holder?

A decoration in the form of a ball

A heat stand

A little after work craft with leftover wine corks #hotplate #recycleyourcorks #winecorkcrafts👌🍷

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A jewelry organizer


Wine corks make for really nice stamps. All your need to do is stick foam flowers and shapes onto the wine cork and dip in paint. Try this with your child for a fun stamping activity. #diystamps #winecorkcrafts #winecorkstamp #artandcraft #kids #toddlers #kidsactivity #toddleractivity #indooractivity #mommyguide #bumpandbabyy #indianmoms #indiaparenting #activitiesforkids

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A notice board

Key rings

Wine cork key chains! Perfect for your next get together or just for funsies! #crafting #winecorkcrafts

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A Christmas wreath

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