14 Hilarious Husband Tweets That Are Just Perfect.

According to my humble experience, which is my parent’s marriage, I’m sure that they’ll relate to most of these tweets because I witnessed some of the things stated in them first hand. Marriage is not easy at all, it won’t work out as it should if both parties don’t cooperate and help each other, kind of like everything else in life, in order for things to go smoothly everyone should help. These tweets are really funny and even if you’ve never been married before you’ll get a good laugh from them and even be glad you’re not.

1. And the 2016 Savage Award Goes to…*Drum Roll*…Kent Graham
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2. You just told me to go relax..
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3. The Dog’s opinion is always important
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4. Wow this is crazy
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5. No one likes to do shores
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6. Why don’t you like the bunk beds
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