15 Dogs With Absolutely No Understanding Of Personal Space.

I am the proud dad to a very friendly little Labrador called Pipa. When we’re hanging at the house, she’s laid back as can be. But the moment anyone else comes around she’s the incarnation of a lap dog.

All 15 furry friends listed below have absolutely no concept of personal space. The moment they’re given a little attention, it’s all hands on deck for a cuddle session. And we love it.

Check out the list below and share if these cute little guys made your day!

1. I will sit here.


Image via Reddit

  1. Wolf dog or lap dog?


image via imgur

  1. Oh hi.


image via iheartdogs

  1. What is personal space exactly?


Image via Imgur

  1. Mommmmm!


image via iheartdogs

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