16 Pictures That Prove Cats Love Kids

There have always been arguments that cats really don’t know how to show affection for people. Cat lovers will definitely disagree. It may not be the same as doggy body language, but cats are capable of affection just as much as any other creature, and here are the photos to prove it.

A cat wouldn’t mind offering itself as a pillow to a young boy, especially when it’s nap time.


Image Credit: Flickr

And when this little girl is feeling down, the feline offers a kind head bump to tell her everything will be okay.


Image Credit: Twimg

Even outdoors, this cat can’t help but show a little love to his sibling.


Image Credit: 500px

Painting can be a time to relax, but this kitten is eager to help out with this kid’s painting project.


Image Credit: 500px

Is this a game of Simon Says?


Image Credit: Imgur

This cat couldn’t be more delighted about cuddles in a relaxing swing.


Image Credit: Volobuev

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