17 Teachers Share The Best Smart-Ass Response They Heard From A Student!

These are really the best student reponses i have ever heard so far. These comments are from the Reddit users listed below.

1/17. This was at football practice:

Kid: do we have to wear ties to school friday?

Coach: Does a bear shit in the woods?

Kid: A polar bear doesn’t.
– Ne_Ultra

2/17. Had a rowdy class for science lesson and it was none other than the topic of male female reproduction. So after explaining how a male and female have sex, this one guy starts to ask about how do 2 men have sex. I explained while struggling to keep a straight face that men have anal sex.

I thought that was the end, and desperately tried to move on, and this kid asked me how lesbians have sex. Before I could say we’re getting way out of topic here, this other student yells out with a strap on! They tie a fake penis around their waist and use it!

And smartypants shouts out, “Ahhh that’s why Ms Y carries that belt all the time!” (Context: Ms Y was this PE teacher that was rumoured to be gay, and she carried this utility belt around her that had all sorts of shit dangling from it)

Died. Lmaoed.
– alexanderfarkov

3/17. I witnessed a rather sad one.In my chemistry class sophomore year one of my friends was going through some family issues, and his dad just left for a year or so. The kid was acting up in class and the teacher was like “Do you want me to call your dad?” and he was like “If he picks up tell him to come home soon.”
– Shabloopie

4/17. A kid in my math class would sleep on his desk. One day the teacher called on him to answer a problem on the chalk board. He woke up, solved the problem on the board with zero difficulty, and then just went back to sleep.

The teacher repeated the same thing a few times with similar results, and then just let him sleep the rest of the year.
– MagnusT

5/17. This is sort of a flip from the question, but there was this awesome history teacher I had freshman year of high school who was just always in an amazing mood. We’ll call him Mr. Smith.

One day everyone is sitting in class waiting for the tardy bell to ring when a kid sneaks a condom onto the door handle. The bell rings and Mr. Smith walks into the room, grabs the handle to close the door, and pulls the condom off of it. Looks at the condom-helmet for a split second and stuffs it into his pocket while saying “Thanks, I’ll need this later.”
– Mattxy8

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