2 Vicious Dogs Lunged At This Police Officer, & How He Responded Left Everyone Stunned.

When two aggressive dogs showed up in the residential area of Meridian, Idaho, residents had no choice but to call in the authorities to deal with the “vicious” dogs. Officer David Gomez rushed onto the scene.

As he approached the dogs, they started to become more aggressive, but then he did something that nobody saw coming.

Officer Gomez had heard the complaint about “vicious” dogs in this neighborhood many times before.

With one dog growling and foaming at the mouth and the other biting his baton, it seemed like they were beyond help. At this point many police officers would have reached for their guns, but not Gomez.

Instead, he distracted the dogs by waving his baton around. Some neighbors walked out to see what was going on, but he casually asked them to remain in their homes.

But the most amazing part of this story is that Officer Gomez was able to calm the dogs down and gently lead them into his car with his own dog, Banjo!
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Eventually, the dogs were returned to their owners, though they were given a citation for “vicious dogs at large.” Meanwhile, Gomez has been commended across the country for his compassion and quick thinking.

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