Top 10 Most Searched For GIFs Of 2015 by Google.

We see them everywhere — GIFs are an Internet sensation. The first GIF, or graphics interchange format, was first introduced by Steve Wilhite of Compuserve in 1987. Due to its compressed format, slow modems are able to load the moving photo easily. Even though they make our eyes hurt, they are malleable, and we use them for whatever context we deem appropriate for a good laugh (mostly to laugh at our own pain).Below you will find the Top 10 GIFs of 2015 according to Google. At the top, we have actor Shia LaBeouf’s “Just Do It” GIF originally from his YouTube video. It’s perfect for self-motivation, especially if you have an upcoming test, are on the verge of asking someone on a date, or have been putting something off for a long time. On the list, we also have American professional wrestler John Cena and Canadian artist Drake, among other more practical ones such as “Happy Birthday.

#1. Just Do It

#3. Drake #2. John Cena #5. Rihanna #6. Football

#7. How Rude

#10. Happy Birthday


#9. Kanye

#8. Good Morning







Top 5 Photos Of 2015 Are The Best Ones by National Geographic.

National Geographic has spent decades at the forefront of wildlife and travel photography and storytelling, and there are endless amazing photographs to browse in their archives. Despite their long and storied history, 2015 just might have been their best year yet – and the best photos on the National Geographic website have come from its readers.

Each day of the year, the site showcased on photo to celebrate: Sometimes classic, sometimes bizarre, and always accompanied by an awesome story. These are the most popular images of the year: The ones with the most shares, likes, and ability to pack a punch. #3 is kind of mind-blowing.
#1. Bioluminous Larak
#1. Bioluminous Larak













#2. When Penguins Attack













#3. The Village
#3. The Village













#4. Against the Wind
#4. Against the Wind













#5. Mother of the Forest

#5. Mother of the Forest

These Are The 9 Most Delicious Things To Happen In 2015

Lots of things have happened in 2015 (good and bad), but while the world is hung up on events in Syria, European immigration and the price of oil, we’ve taken a closer look at what’s happened in the world of food and drink over the last 12 months.
Every year new creations are made, new trends hit our restaurants and more people fall head over heels in love with food and drink. So what happened this year that we’ll never forget?
As 2015 comes to a sad but triumphant close, we’ve decided to take a look back at the food moments that will be immortalised in foodie history. These are the year’s nine most delicious moments, try not to devour them all at once.

Wipe that saliva from around your mouth people, and instead of tucking into a mundane sandwich head outside to try one of these historic tasty treats. I’m clocking off and hitting Taco Bell, feel free to join me.

Making An Omelet In A Bag Might Sound Gross, But It Comes Out Perfect

If I told you that I was going to make you an omelette in a plastic bag, would you be licking your lips in anticipation? No, I didn’t think so. While your misgivings may be well-founded, I can assure you I’ve got a kitchen hack that will have you changing the way you make your breakfast forever.
Making an omelette comes with some serious issues, so why not take the sting out of it? In a handy YouTube video posted by Allrecipes, we get to see exactly how it’s done. Easy, no fuss and with minimal clean up, I’m beginning to wonder if plastic bags are as bad as environmentalists will have you believe.I joke of course, but this is pretty clever. Check out the video to see the easy seven steps that make the perfect omelette using a plastic bag.

No more pans ruined by burnt on egg, no more omelettes with runny middles – we’ve saved omelette making forever with this clever tip. Though it looks a little weird, the omelet comes out perfect—every single time. What more could an egg lover want?

She Starts Squirting Batter In A Pan. By The End, You'll Be Amazed By The Result!

This time of year, it’s pretty easy to get holiday fatigue. The reds, greens, twinkle lights — they’re enough to drive even the most jolly person slightly nuts. That’s why it’s nice to mix things up with a more…well-rounded dessert when it comes to your holiday party’s color palette and theme. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon the Christmas spirit — watch how this baker extraordinaire masters the perfect balance with a cool cake.

It takes some serious prep work to make this awesome dessert, but it’s so worth it for the surprise inside. Your guests will definitely return for seconds!

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If You Slow Down The Sound Of Crickets, It Sounds Like A Chorus Of The Damned

Field Cricket.
Field Cricket.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of crickets on a summer night, right? It’s the kind of sound that just sort of lulls you to sleep and whisks you away to dreamland. But when you slow down that sound, something chilling happens.

Thanks to composer Jim Wilson, we can now experience this horrific creepiness for ourselves. The track below is actually two pieces of audio fused together. One is a regular recording of chirping crickets, and the other is that same chirping slowed down. The result will take all of those nice dreams and turn them into nightmares.

(via Enpundit)

Well, I only peed my pants a little bit, so that’s a victory in my book. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to listen to crickets the same way again.

Cyclists In New South Wales Will Risk Huge Fines & Must Carry ID Under New Laws

The government of New South Wales is currently attempting to tread that thin white line between liberality and totalitarianism. On the one hand, cycling initiatives help cyclists make more of the roads and are generally designed to make the roads safer for those who choose to travel under their own steam.
On the other hand, paying a 106 AUD fine for forgetting to cycle with ID certainly doesn’t sound fun. But this is one of a number of fines which the state’s roads minister, Duncan Gay, has introduced. Gay describes himself as “the biggest bike-lane sceptic in the government” and has earned a powerful disdain from cyclists in Sydney, especially after he pulled out of the city’s 5 million AUD College Street cycleway.
All cycling fines are currently standardised at 71 AUD but the new fines will include 319 AUD for not wearing a helmet or for holding onto a moving vehicle and 425 AUD for running a red light or not stopping at a children’s or pedestrian crossing. Cycling advocate Sue Abbott has claimed that Gay wants to “destroy cycling in Sydney.” She continues: “We are completely backwards. Not just a couple of years – we’re a couple of decades backwards.”
Gay has hit back at these claims, stating: “If you’re involved in a crash, you are 60% more likely to suffer a severe brain injury if you’re not wearing a helmet.” He continues: “All road users need to exercise respect when using the road.” Furthermore, the new fines do also cover motorists as vehicles travelling less than 60 kph will need to give cyclists one metres’ room (on danger of a 319 AUD fine and the loss of two demerit points) while those passing at more than 60 KPH will need to give cyclists a berth of one and a half metres.
Gay has stated that around 11 cyclists are killed every year on New South Wales roads with around 1,500 hospitalised due to cycling incidents. Last year he attempted to introduce a cycling license but it was deemed by the road department: “not [to] be a cost-effective way of improving NSW cyclists’ behaviour or safety”.
On Monday, Gay stated that the changes were in line with recommendations from roundtables held with cycling advocacy groups the Pedestrian Council of Australia, the NRMA and the Motor Accident Authority. He stated that they are centred on; “striking a balance for everyone on the roads and footpaths.”

Spain’s Christmas Lottery : A Refugee Won €400,000 Days After Losing His Job

Carlos Barba : Epa
Carlos Barba / EPA
The man – only identified by his first name, Ngame – told local media he was recently laid off from his job. He lives with his wife in Roquetas de Mar, a southern city in Spain, where they have been trying to survive by doing temporary farm work.
The couple were rescued by the Spanish coastguard eight years ago after the packed wooden boat they were travelling on from Morocco to Spain became unsafe.
“There were 65 people on that boat,” Ngame told local newspaper La Voz de Almeria. “I want to give thanks to Spaniards and the Spanish government for rescuing me when I was in the sea.”
Ngame bought a ticket for “El Gordo”, Spain’s Christmas lottery, which awarded more than €2 billion this year.
The lottery says it is different to most big lotteries as it aims to share the wealth among many, not just a few big winners.
“I just can’t believe this,” Ngame said. “I can tell you that on some days we do not have five euros between the two of us.” /rossalyn.warren/

Saudi Arabia prince invests in US ridesharing service Lyft

Dec 24 19-51-42
Saudi Arabia prince invests in US ridesharing service Lyft

Riyadh (AFP) – A firm owned by a Saudi prince said Thursday it had led a group that invested around $248 million (226 million euros) in US ridesharing service company Lyft.

Kingdom Holding Co, which is 95 percent-owned by billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, invested $104.9 million in the San Francisco-based startup, it said in a statement.

The investment is equivalent to a 2.3 percent stake.

Kingdom Holding invested $31 million in a capital increase and spent $73.9 million to acquire preferred shares from other investors, it said.

The statement did not identify the co-investors.

Lyft announced an expansion of its alliances with Asian partners earlier this month, increasing its challenge to rival Uber.

Lyft is valued at $2.5 billion, while Uber has become one of the world’s most valuable startups, worth an estimated $50 billion.

Kingdom Holding’s diversified interests range from the Euro Disney theme park and Four Seasons hotels to News Corporation and Citigroup.

The Saudi tycoon and his firm also became Twitter’s second-largest shareholders in October.