Verizon Announces $4.8 Billion Deal for Yahoo’s Internet Business

Verizon Communications Inc. will acquire Yahoo Inc. by a $4.8 Billon deal, according to media reports.

US internet firm Yahoo announced in February to be looking at “strategic alternatives” for its core internet business.

Yahoo’s search and advertising operations buyed.


US telecoms giant Verizon Communications is to buy Yahoo, according to media reports.

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Verizon declined to comment on the reports.


The two firms were reported on Friday to be in exclusive talks.


Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo four years ago.


Chief execute Marissa Mayer, who joined in 2012, has made little progress in returning the company to profit.

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Yahoo has struggled to keep up with the changing internet advertising landscape.

Last week it reported a $440m loss in the second quarter, but said the board had made great progress on strategic alternatives.

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Yahoo shares have rallied since it announced the sale.


BGC analyst Colin Gillis: “We expect any offer in the range of $5-plus billion should be accepted by the Yahoo board to bring the process to a close”

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Verizon has agreed to pay $4.8 billion to acquire Yahoo.


Verizon plans to annouce deal early Monday, ending months of speculation.

After Seeing Why She Bakes Her Eggshells I’ll Never Throw Mine Away Ever Again!

If you’re like me, you love making some eggs for breakfast every morning. Whether you’re a scrambled, over-easy, or poached eggs kind of person, you’re probably tossing your eggshells in the trash or the compost.

But did you know that egg shells are 90% pure calcium? That’s right, the mineral vital to bone, muscle, and enzyme health is going down the trash every time you toss your egg shells.

Let us introduce you to a better way to use your old egg shells.

When it comes down to the facts, the National Institute of Health keeps proving that ground up egg shells are a great way to introduce the necessary amount of calcium into the human body.

When you mix some ground egg shells into your diet, your body easily absorbs it and puts it to use. Just half a teaspoon of eggshell calcium gives you 90% of your daily need containing 1000-1500 mg of the good nutrient.

In order to use your old eggshells, gather a large amount together. Then boil them in water for 10 minutes to make sure there is no bacteria or anything on it.

Some people then take it a step further and bake them in the oven at 350 for 10-15 minutes to dry them out. But this step isn’t necessary.

Let your eggshells cool after you boil them. Once that’s happened, put them in a coffee or spice grinder and disintegrate them into a powder.

Now that you’ve got your calcium powder, store it in an air tight jar to promote freshness. Every time you make a smoothie or something just put half a teaspoon in. It’ll be a great boost of the vital mineral.

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The First Lady , Michelle Obama Jumps Into Carpool Karaoke, But Wait Until You See The Other Surprise Guest!

I LOVE James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke videos! The series of celebrity jam sessions never fail to make me laugh. They’re so much more fun and entertaining than regular talk show interviews because you get to see a different side of stars you thought you knew; and they always feature the best music!

Corden’s videos normally feature musicians or pop stars, but this latest video stars none other than First Lady Michelle Obama. Politics are put in the trunk as she and Corden dance to Single Ladies and laugh about Snapchat. It’s just pure fun!

The video starts off with Corden getting a hard time from security when he pulls up to the White House. He acts surprised when Michelle Obama hops into his car. Just as she starts to give him a tour of the grounds, it is cut short when Corden puts on some Stevie Wonder. Turns out, FLOTUS is a huge Stevie Wonder fan, and the two jam out to Signed Sealed Delivered.

“I’ve been in a car, maybe it was months ago…With my daughter who learned to drive.” says the Mrs. Obama. “But that’s the only time in 7 and a half years that I’ve been in the passengers seat, listening to music, rocking out like this. So this is a treat!”

It gets even better from there. Corden puts on Beyonce’s Single Ladies, and the First Lady knows all the words and all the moves.


image via YouTube

The talk turns more serious as Michelle Obama tells Corden about her Let Girls Learn initiative. She’ll be traveling to 35 different countries to talk about education for women around the world. “So much could be corrected in the world if girls were educated and had power over their lives.”

Next, Corden puts on the song This Is For My Girls, which is the anthem for Let Girls Learn. The song features nine incredible female recording artists: Kelly Rowland, Lea Michele, Missy Elliott, Zendaya, Kelly Clarkson, Janelle Monae, Jadagrace, Chloe & Halle.

Out of nowhere, as James and Michelle rock out to This Is For My Girls, Missy Elliot quite literally pops up from the backseat to join in on the fun. Then the three of them jam to her hit song, Get Ur Freak On. The First Lady, Missy Elliot, and James Corden bouncing up in down in their seats, rapping to this 2003 throwback, is a hilarious sight! The whole video had me smiling from ear to ear!

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Cow Gives Birth To 4 Babies.Now Keep Your Eye On The Little One On The Right

Large animals tend to give birth to only one animal, as it’s a strain on their bodies to carry or deliver any more. In very rare cases, there will be the birth of twins. But this heifer defied all odds with the number of calves she delivered recently. Four. Yes, you heard that right.

A cow gave birth to four calves, and they’re all in a very healthy condition. Named Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moo, the cute calves are thriving well and are already growing stronger with each passing day. The local vet stated that the odds of so many calves being born to one mother is about 1 in 11.2 billion!

Take a look at this video!

Unfortunately, the mother cow is having a hard time nursing all of her babies, and her owner is looking to their neighbors to provide some assistance in the matter. They’ve managed to keep Moo with the mother, while the other calves are with other caretakers in the meantime. Share away, people!

Teacher Kicks Out Daughter With Shaved Head. But When Mom Turns On The Computer Gets Shocked!

Kamryn Renfro is 9 years old, but her wisdom goes well beyond her age. The little girl from Grand Junction, CO, did something brave. She shaved her hair off to support her friend, Delany Campbell, who has cancer.

“It felt like the right thing to do,” Kamryn told the NY Daily News.

Delany, 11 years old, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and had to undergo chemotherapy. She lost all of her hair twice due to her treatments. When Kamryn shaved her head, too, it made her feel good.

“It made me feel very special and that I’m not alone,” Delany said.

You’d think the adults in her life would praise Kamryn and Delaney for their unbreakable bond, courage, and solidarity. However, that wasn’t the case. When Kamryn returned to school, Caprock Academy, she was turned away. Teachers told her, “Don’t come back until you have hair.”

Schools have some absurd policies. This student was kicked out of prom for wearing a perfectly ordinary dress.

Delany’s mother, Wendy Campbell, was dismayed by the school’s reaction. The mother shared her story on social media, where it quickly went viral. After hundreds showed their support for Kamryn, the school decided to let her return to school and praised the girl’s dedication to her friend!

“For a little girl to be really brave and want to shave her head in support of her friend, I thought that was a huge statement, and it builds character in a child,” Wendy said.

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This Man Films Raccoon Washing His Favorite Toys. But Then He Realizes What Is In The Bath.

Raccoons can be found just about everywhere, in cities, forests, prairies, and marshes. According to, they eat just about anything! They are nocturnal and will eat mice, or frogs, fruit, and plants. They have no problem eating out of people’s gardens – or even turning over a garbage can to inspect the contents! They have dexterous front paws and long fingers.

This YouTube video shows a pet raccoon who belongs to a couple in Russia. We see the raccoon busy washing his treasures in a green bowl. At first, the man seems amused by the activity, until he sees that a cell phone is sitting at the bottom of the bowl! When the couple turns their backs to check on the cell phone, the mischievous raccoon finds something else he wants to clean!

Take a look at this video!

Amazing avocado hack ripens the fruit in just 10 minutes

Just when you are craving for a guacamole and when you get to the store, there is a pile of totally unripe avocados. Well do not settle for the store-bought stuff.

Below is a foolproof trick into making avocados creamy and soft in minutes.


What You Need:

Baking sheet

What to Do:

1. Using the tinfoil, wrap the whole fruit.
2. Set it on the baking sheet.
3. Place it in the oven at 200°F for 10 minutes or until the avocado is soft. Depending on how hard it is, it could take up to at least 1 hour to soften.
4. Remove from the oven.
5. Put the soft and ripe avocado into the fridge until it cools.

How This Works:

Avocados produce ethylene gas, which is released slowly, causing the fruit to ripen. But since the avocado bakes in tinfoil, the gas surrounds it, therefore putting the ripening process into hyperdrive.

This Is How Apple & Facebook helped bust the world’s biggest torrent site

Feds charge 30-year-old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin over his involvement in piracy website KickassTorrents.

When you’re the owner of the world’s biggest torrent-sharing site, the last thing you’d expect to land you in trouble would be a totally legitimate (and legal) purchase via iTunes. But that’s what happened to 30-year-old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin a.k.a “tirm,” owner and operator of KickassTorrents (KAT), who was yesterday arrested and charged in Poland for criminal copyright infringement and money laundering. He’s been accused of illegally reproducing and distributing hundreds of millions of copies of movies, video games, TV shows and music albums totalling more than $1 billion. The US is now waiting to extradite him.


ounded in 2008, the site has slowly grown to become the biggest torrent-sharing website in the world. It finally took the mantle in 2015 after The Pirate Bay experienced multiple raids, battled lengthy spells of downtime and its three founders were arrested. KAT counts more than 50 million unique monthly visitors and is estimated to be the 68th most frequently visited website on the internet — according to Alexa.

In a 48-page criminal complaint (PDF) filed with the U.S. District Court in Chicago, the U.S. Attorney’s Office reveals how it was able to track Vaulin. Jared Der-Yeghiayan, a special agent with the US Department of Homeland Security, was tasked with tracking the man behind KAT and it’s his report that attempts to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Vaulin should be brought to justice. This is how it played out.

The fake ad

From November 2015, an undercover IRS Special Agent spoke with a KAT representative about hosting an advertisement that would direct visitors to an undercover site. An agreement was made and the ad, which purportedly advertised a program to study in the United States, would be placed on individual torrent listings for $300 per day. When it finally went live on March 14th 2016, a link appeared underneath the torrent download buttons for five days. It was a short campaign, but it was enough to link KAT to a Latvian bank account, one that received €28 million ($31 million) in deposits — mainly from advertising payments — between August 2015 and March 2016.


This back-and-forth also enabled investigators to identify an important point of contact: the email address Not only was it linked to website enquiries, it was the email associated with KAT’s social media presences such as Facebook. Agents were able to obtain records from Facebook that showed the “official.KAT.fanclub.” page was almost certainly associated with KAT.

Apple’s involvement

Using basic website-tracking services, Der-Yeghiayan was able to uncover (via a reverse DNS search) the hosts of seven apparent KAT website domains:,,,,, and This dug up two Chicago IP addresses, which were used as KAT name servers for more than four years. Agents were then able to legally gain a copy of the server’s access logs (explaining why it was federal authorities in Chicago that eventually charged Vaulin with his alleged crimes).

Using similar tools, Homeland Security investigators also performed something called a WHOIS lookup on a domain that redirected people to the main KAT site. A WHOIS search can provide the name, address, email and phone number of a website registrant. In the case, that was Artem Vaulin from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Der-Yeghiayan was able to link the email address found in the WHOIS lookup to an Apple email address that Vaulin purportedly used to operate KAT. It’s this Apple account that appears to tie all of pieces of Vaulin’s alleged involvement together.

On July 31st 2015, records provided by Apple show that the account was used to purchase something on iTunes. The logs show that the same IP address was used on the same day to access the KAT Facebook page. After KAT began accepting Bitcoin donations in 2012, $72,767 was moved into a Coinbase account in Vaulin’s name. That Bitcoin wallet was registered with the same email address.

What happens now?

Homeland Security has already asked that the seven KAT domains named in the complaint are forfeited for their role in facilitating piracy. Verisign is expected to seize the .com and .tv domains, while Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) requests will be sent to registrars in Costa Rica, Tonga and the Philippines. Homeland Security then expects those sites to be redirected to a server of its choosing.

Right now, KickassTorrents appears to still be up, at least via the numerous proxy services that support it. However, it’s probably only a matter of time until it becomes a lot harder to find. While investigators already had a lot of evidence before they added the iTunes transaction to the mix, the idea that a legal media purchase could be the undoing of a piracy king kinda breaks the irony meter.

Here‘s The Reason Why Some People Can Roll Their Tongues And Others Can‘t

It’s amazing how resilient some myths can be. We all know that the conventional wisdom isn’t always true, but you’d think that an old myth would be replaced right away once we hear how things really are. Sadly, the world doesn’t always work so neatly since not everyone gets to hear the message at once.

So sometimes we can have cases where a common belief has been debunked for years, yet it still finds a way to resurface again. For instance, has anyone ever scolded you for cracking your knuckles? They might warn you that doing this puts you at risk of arthritis but studies have been showing no link between the two since 1975.

Other cases don’t really point to any danger but still manage to get a very basic aspect of our bodies wrong. Today, we can finally put one of those myths to bed.

It starts with a simple question: Can you roll your tongue?

COMMENT and tell us about all the neat body tricks you can do.

For most of you, the question seems like a no-brainer.

You can obviously show if you can roll your tongue, but even those who can’t do it likely won’t give the question much thought.


via Good Housekeeping | Getty Images

After all, you can’t roll your tongue if your family members can’t, right?

We’ve been taught that our parents pass down this ability as simply as they do eye color. In my case, it would be no surprise that I can roll my tongue because my dad can do it too.


via My Kids’ Adventures

A lot of us might not think about it but this belief can be a real problem for some kids.

When their parents can’t roll their tongues but they can, they may start to worry that these people aren’t really their parents.


via Club 93.7 | NBC

Fortunately, those frustrated tongue rollers don’t have to worry.

It turns out you don’t actually inherit this trait directly from your parents. Plus there’s some good news if you’ve always wanted to roll your tongue but haven’t been able to.


via Twitter / @SydneyKScience

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Ex Husband Gave Her Three Days To Move Out.But What She Did Next Was Brilliant!

After 37 years of marriage, Jake dumped his wife, Edith, for his younger, perkier secretary (really breaking new ground here, Copernicus!).


His new girlfriend (we’ll call her Karen) demanded that they live in Jake and Edith’s multi-million dollar home. Since Jake had better lawyers, he prevailed. He gave Edith, his now ex-wife, just three days to move out.

Artists’ rendition of how she felt in that moment.


via Imgur / shapingsense

She spent the first day packing her belongings into boxes and crates.

I imagine more than a few bags looked a little something like this…


via Imgur / ViVeriVeniversumVivusVici

On the second day, she had the movers come and collect her things (alcohol).

They came HIGHLY recommended!



On the third day, Edith sat down for the last time at their beautiful dining room table by candlelight.

She put on some soft background music and feasted on a pound of shrimp, a jar of caviar and an entire bottle of chardonnay, rescued from one of her bags!

And in that moment, much like the Grinch, she had an idea. A wonderful, AWFUL idea!



And that, my friends, is when the fun began!

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