5 Secrets To Make The Perfect Burger!

Tired of making the same old, bland, dry burgers? This year you can blow everyone’s mind at your cookout with these surefire tips for making a killer burger.
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Choose Your Meat Wisely

It all begins with the meat. Choosing the right kind will make all the difference in the world. If you feel like ballin’ over the 4th of July, sirloin or angus is the way to go. But if you’re feeding a lot of people and want to make you dollars stretch, chuck is just fine too. BUT! To make an awesome, juicy burger, you want fat. That mean’s ditching the lean ground beef, and getting the fattiest stuff you can find.

Season Your Way To Perfection

Some people think all you need to make a burger is some meat. Wrong! You’ll want to season those puppies before they every hit the grill. At the very least, give your meat a healthy dose of salt and pepper. Salt helps bring out the beefy flavour and will really make tastes pop. If you want to kick it up a notch, check out this seasoning mix from Emeril.

Make It Hot

You want your things smoking hot by the time your burgers hit the grill. Don’t be impatient, whether coal. gas or pan, make sure everything is at a high heat by the time your put your patties down.

No Squish Zone

For some reason, people like to squish down their burgers once they hit the grill. Don’t! You took the time to find some nice fatty meat and now you’re going to squish it all out? As much as it might be fun to see that flames rise up, avoid the squish at all costs to make your burger as juicy as possible.

Pick The Right Bun

You put all that effort into you meat, don’t skimp on the bun. You can go a lot of different ways here, but always make sure it’s freshly baked and not too big for the patty.

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