7 Important Facts About Antibiotics That Every Person Needs To Know!

5. Never take antibiotics that were prescribed to someone else or left over from a previous treatment.
Antibiotics from other people might not be the right medication for your own infection, and taking the wrong drug could increase the chance that the bacteria in your body will become resistant. The same goes for antibiotics past their expiration date: the active ingredient could be impaired, making it less effective and more likely that resistant bacteria could develop.

6. It only takes one course of antibiotics for resistant bacteria to develop.
There’s a common misconception that antibiotic resistance only occurs with repeat courses of the same drug. While it is more likely that multiple usage can cause resistance, it’s still possible for it to occur with a single course. This is all the more reason to follow your prescription and take the drug as directed.

7. Antibiotics might not always be the answer.
Even though antibiotics are important, they might not always be necessary, and overuse could do more harm than good. So learn as much as you can about these complicated drugs, and then have an honest discussion with your doctor to make the medical decision that’s best for you.
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