8 Simple But Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of Oily Hair!

The most challenging issue among most women concerning their hair is their stringy and greasy hairs about a day of washing their hairs. It is a natural process of hair to secrete oily substance called sebum. Sebum is beneficial for the hairs and keeping them healthy and as the sebum gets secreted, it turns the hair frizzy and dry resulting into breakage. It too irritates the scalp.It becomes a cause of frustration among women and they feel annoyed.

So what are the ways to control excessive oil discharge from the scalp? We have some easy ad super effective tips which you can easily accommodate during your day without practicing on daily basis.

Here we are posting some Easy-To-Do Home remedies for reducing your scalp oil without any side-effects.

1.Don’t Wash Hair Everyday

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While it is very tough to break your daily habit of hair washing, still come down to wash hair 3 times a week. As washing consecutively will lead to scalp irritation, hair becomes dehydrated and it will fade the hair color.

2.Go For Silk Or Satin Pillowcase
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You can use a silk or Satin Pillow case as it seems to be soft and comfortable. Your frizzy hair don’t becomes tangled.

3.Combing Your Hair
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Use a large bristle comb while combing your hair instead of brushing. As brushing will make the sebum distributed in the scalp from the roots to their ends. By this, the secreted oil will escape from the roots and will go to the drier parts of your hair.
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