9 Outdated Items We Wish Would Make a Comeback!

The phrase “outdated” is in the eye of the beholder. If you live for collecting all things vintage, then it’s a word that’s not in your vocabulary. (Unless we’re talking about bad ’80s fake wood furniture. That’ll never improve with age.) For the rest of us, there are a few once-common sights that are no longer seen in the average home. Here’s a brief list of what we’d like to bring back.

2. Clotheslines
It’s a shame that many neighborhoods outright ban these, because there truly is nothing like the fresh scent of line-dried laundry.

3. Analog Clocks
Everyone has gone digital (do kids even know how to tell time anymore?), but we love having a cute alarm clock parked on our nightstands.

4. Typewriters
Typewriters are the ultimate in distraction-free writing. Plus, coffee shops could once again be places for conversation and relaxation — you’d never be tempted to haul your typewriter there and camp out with work.

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