A Bully Tried To Pick On A Smaller Kid Who Does MMA And It Didn’t Go As He Planned

Bullies getting the hell beat out of them is always fun to watch. Some days before , 25th of March, Facebook page We Love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu posted a video of one such incident. It starts out looking like a typical school fight, of a bully picking on a smaller kid. The small kid doesn’t seem like he wants to get involved, but when he does it’s glorious…

After getting his ass handed to him, the bully begs a friend to get the boy off him because he is going “to break my arm.”

Facebook commenters were pretty impressed with the skills on display.

“I can’t believe there is a ten year old out there that can literally beat my ass,” one writes. While another said: “That kid showed it all ! He throws a right cross (boxing ) then a left kick (Muay Thai), goes for the take down a little (grappling) then to top it off some mother f**king (jiu jitsu)!”

The video has acquired 11 million views, though there’s no information on where the video took place. Which is a shame, because this kid is probably owed a few belts.

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