A Man Woke Up & Discovered This In His Backyard.No One Can’t Believe It’s Real…But it Is.

Australia is known as a place of great natural beauty, overflowing with some of the most incredible sights the world has to offer. It’s also home to some of the most terrifying creatures on Earth.

Recently, Reddit user Devilheart went out his back door and found something that left him almost paralyzed with fear, and when you see it, you’ll wonder why anyone would want to live in Australia at all.

Do you see him?
Image via Reddit/Devilheart

Holy s— that is the BIGGEST spider we’ve ever seen. Apparently, he’s a huge golden silk orb-weaver spider…but I’d prefer to call it my worst nightmare
Image via Reddit/Devilheart

Experts say that they usually avoid human interaction as much as they can, only biting if they feel threatened. But I wouldn’t want to take the risk.
Image via Reddit/Devilheart

While it’s not exactly venomous, that doesn’t comfort me much. Just a bite from something that big would be painful!
Image via Reddit/Devilheart

I’m impressed he got close enough to take a picture of this monster. If I saw a creature like that in my home, I’d run away and never go back.Share this horrifying discovery with your friends!

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