Always Wondered Why All Jeans Have These Metal Rivets, The Reason Is Fascinating.

It’s hard to find anything more American than blue jeans. They’re the go-to pants for everything from working in the yard to going to the mall.

But even if you wear jeans every day, you still really don’t know everything about them. As it turns out, those jeans hold some pretty interesting secrets hiding in plain sight.

Chances are you’ve never noticed the rivets on the corner of your jean pockets, but they’re on almost every pair of jeans you own. 


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But why in the world do the pockets have rivets? Well, it turns out there’s a historical explanation. 


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During the California Gold Rush, workers complained that their pants weren’t durable enough to hold up to their hard work, and were often ripping at the pockets. That’s when a man named Jacob Davis, a tailor in Reno, Nevada, came up with the idea to rivet the corners of the pockets and make them more durable. 


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Looking for a business partner, Davis contacted a man named Levi Strauss in 1872 who owned a dry goods and clothing store in San Francisco, California. The two teamed up and received a patent for the riveted pockets, and their jeans company took off, eventually becoming the company Levi Strauss Jeans that we know today. 


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So the next time you’re wearing a pair of jeans, look down and really take notice of the craftsmanship involved. You’re wearing a piece of history!


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I had no idea about this! What a fascinating little piece of history.

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