Asperger’s mum pays for entire £1,200 Tesco shop with coupons & then gives it all to charity!

Holly Smith, 30, beat the UK record for the biggest ever shop paid for entirely with coupons – then gave it to a charity that helps local homeless people

A mum-of-two with Asperger’s Syndrome set a UK record buying an entire £1,200 Tesco shop with coupons – then gave it all to charity.

Extreme couponer Holly Smith, 30, collected up to 300 vouchers a day then used four trolleys to go an a huge spree at her local store in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Over five and half hours, she trawled the shop, filling trolleys with everything from soup to sausages and childrens’ toys.
The bill came to a grand total of £1,164.39, but Holly managed to pay for the entire thing with coupons.

It is believed to be the biggest ever coupon shop in the UK, beating the previous record of a £600 shop which cost 4p in 2013.

But rather than enjoy her own hard work, kind-hearted Holly showed a bit of Christmas spirit and donated everything to a local charity The Benjamin Foundation.
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Expert: Holly Smith collects up to 300 vouchers a day to pay for shopping
It will helps families and individuals across the county to deal with many of life’s challenges ranging from homelessness to finding affordable childcare.

The donation will help young homeless people, aged 16-25 who live in supported accommodation throughout Norfolk.

Holly, nicknamed the ‘Coupon Queen’ by pals, said: “I’m very excited to have supported such a worthwhile cause.

“At Christmas time financial problems can seem even worse.
Record: Holly’s £1,200 coupon shop is believed to be the biggest ever in the UK
“My goal was using my coupon and money saving skills to get as many free items, in order to help those that are most in need at this time of year.

“Hopefully this will make their Christmas a happier one”.

The gesture is all the more remarkable as Holly has her own battles to face.

As well as being diagnosed with Asperger’s, she also has a debilitating physical illness which often leaves her in pain and restricts her mobility.
She was forced to give up her job as a promotional worker.

Rather than rely on disability benefits, she decided to turn her eye for coupons to use, setting herself up as an extreme couponing expert online.

Her Facebook page now has more than 369,000 likes and she runs a small business to manage requests.

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