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The U.S. has imposed new sanctions on Iran the day after Tehran had its nuclear-related penalties lifted

U.S. Imposes New Sanctions On Iran After Lifting Nuclear Penalties
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Saturday. Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
The U.S. Treasury Department announced on Sunday that the sanctions will be levied on 11 people and companies who are involved in procuring items for the country’s ballistic missile program.
“Iran’s ballistic missile program poses a significant threat to regional and global security, and it will continue to be subject to international sanctions,” Adam J. Szubin, the acting under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said in a statement.
The new sanctions were announced a day after the U.S., European Union, and United Nations formally lifted their nuclear-related sanctions against Iran, implementing a historic agreement struck in July between Iran and six world powers to curb Tehran’s nuclear program.
The sanctions were lifted after the U.N. nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), released a report on Saturday confirming that Iran had complied with the necessary terms of the agreement.
“It was issued after agency inspectors on the ground verified that Iran has carried out all measures required under the joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA) to enable implementation day to occur,” said IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano in a video posted to YouTube.

“Relations between Iran and the IAEA now enter a new phase. It is an important day for the international community,” he said.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry then released a statement confirming Washington would now keep its end of the bargain and lift its sanctions against Tehran:
I hereby confirm that the International Atomic Energy Agency has verified that Iran has fully implemented its required commitments as specified in Sections 15.1-15.11 of Annex V of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The U.S. sanctions-related commitments described in Sections 17.1-17.5 of Annex V of the JCPOA are now in effect.
The White House sent media a copy of the executive order President Obama signed to formally lift the sanctions.
Speaking in Vienna, Kerry said the U.S. was satisfied Iran had reduced its total stockpile of low-enriched uranium to 300 kilograms, removed two-thirds of centrifuges from nuclear facilities, and opened itself to inspection.
“Today we are confident it would take Iran at least a year to break out of the agreement,” he said.
“Today marks the first day of a safer world, one we hope will remain safer for many years to come.”
mid news
Federica Mogherini and Javad Zarif speaking Saturday in Vienna. Ronald Zak / AP
Speaking at a press conference in Vienna, Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the E.U. for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, confirmed the E.U. had also lifted its sanctions.
“Today, almost exactly six months after finalization of the historic deal, the [IAEA] has verified that Iran has implemented its nuclear related commitments,” she said. “As Iran has fulfilled its commitments, today multi-lateral economic and financial sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program are lifted in accordance with the JCPOA.”
“All sides remain firmly convinced that this historic deal is both strong and fair, and that it meets the requirements of all,” she said.
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif spoke alongside Mogherini to read the same prepared statement in Persian.
The implementation of the deal came just hours after U.S. and Iranian officials confirmed a prisoner swap had taken place between the two countries, resulting in the release of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, among others.
As part of the agreement, world powers will meet with Iran every two years, possibly more frequently if the situation warrants, to assess the implementation of the terms of the deal.
There will also be no new nuclear-related United Nations Security Council sanctions, or European Union nuclear-related sanctions or restrictive measures.
The more technical terms of the agreement mandate that Iran must begin phasing out its IR-1 centrifuge within the next 10 years. The centrifuge produces enriched uranium, a key element used to create nuclear bombs.

Driving on one of the World's Most Dangerous Roads by Charan

First shared on Following October 18, 2015 , the video made by youtuber : Charanpreet singh went viral on Facebook. Charan , An chandigarh based software professional and pursue mountain biker and landscape photographer. sent us an email recently in which he wrote us:

This is with reference to the viral video of driving on the worlds most dangerous road. I would love to have my videos published on your website.

Also i would like to add some information for the article.

To start with, I am a biker and have been riding for the past 6 years mostly solo. This trip was planned with two friends of mine because of the difficulty level and danger factor of the stretch. Also keeping in mind that is a highly sensitive area owing to recent attacks in the past by various terrorist organisations in Jammu and Kashmir Valley India. I decided to not go alone but with friends.

Route Details-: Sach Pass is a high altitude pass in chamba district of Himachal pradesh India from where two diversions take place. one goes to Keylong and then manali while the other goes to Kishtwar. We took the second route.

Why we took the second route(Chamba – Sach Pass – Killar (Himachal pradesh)- Kishtwar(jammu and kashmir) – We wanted to do something different this time which has been done very few time’s in the past.The road is en-route – Killar(Pangi valley , Himachal pradesh) to Kishtwar (Jammu and Kashmir). The particular stretch which is called as the one of the World’s dangerous road lies between two villages Ishtiyari and Kyari. I am attaching a few pictures from the trip.This route basically falls on the two state border’s Himachal Pradesh and jammu and kashmir. There are numerous check posts of army and BCP(Border Police force) on the way. We had to remove all our luggage and get it checked because of the sensitivity of the area.There are many steep curves on the way to this particular stretch where even the bike tends to fall back sometimes. Well it was one of the most thrilling, and adventurous road i have rode so far. There are times where the road is really narrow and slushy because of waterfall’s , ofcourse the risk factor is there, but if you are driving carefully, it can be done without any problem. After this stretch ends there comes a quaint village named gulabgarh from where we have to take the road to Kishtwar(Our destination for that day). It is a zero traffic road as there are no villages on the way. We only encountered one mini truck which passed us. It is usually said as a precaution measure to not to stop at this road for a longer time due to security concerns.

I hope this much information is more than enough for the article. But if you need any more details on this, m just an email away .

Also. i would appreciate if you feature all the four parts of the video i have made for this particular stretch with narration.

Part – 1

Part – 2

Part – 3

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Snape’s Scenes In Chronological Order Will Make You Feel Things

YouTube user kcawesome13 has put together all of Snape’s important scenes from the eight Harry Potter films to show just how much the misunderstood potions professor went through.

The movies are restricted to telling Snape’s past with a variety of flashbacks. This changes that and makes it SO. MUCH. MORE. REAL.

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New Trend on Facebook : “Be like Bill”

Who is this Bill, anyway!? He’s in everywhere this days….Last night I got home and he was there with my wife!
Obviously this new trend has become viral on Facebook and many other social medias. But who started this Trend ?
bill1Be Like Bill –
As first seen on 9gag  this trend came up everywhere on all over entertainment sites. At the moment we’re writing this post, Bill has collected more than 860k followers on his Facebook fanpage , but every refresh we do he gets more than 100 followers quickly.

bill gag/

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Alan Rickman dead: How he hid Professor Snape’s story arc from everyone

Alan Rickman dead- How he hid Professor Snape’s story arc from everyone
Alan Rickman’s most iconic role may very well be Professor Snape from the Harry Potter series. Throughout those films, we see his character go from a brooding villain to heartbreaking hero who would do anything for the ones he loved.

However, when the first films in the series were being made, JK Rowling had not yet published The Deathly Hallows and Severus Snape was presumed to be a bad guy the whole way through.
Rickman knew he wasn’t aligned with Voldemort the whole time, Rowling having previously told him how Snape was a secret agent, working for Dumbledore. Apparently he had to hide his knowledge even to the directors of the films.

“It was quite amusing, too, because there were times when a director would tell Alan what to do in a scene and he would say something like, ‘No I can’t do that – I know what is going to happen and you don’t,'” series producer David Heyman told the LA Times.
“He had a real understanding of the character and now looking back, you can see there was always more going on there – a look, an expression, a sentiment – that hint at what is to come… the shadow that he casts in these films is a huge one and the emotion he conveys is immeasurable.”

On numerous occasions, Rickman had to hide his knowledge from journalists asking difficult questions about the Harry Potter story. In an interview with RTE, he hinted at a “little piece of information, which I always said I would never share with anybody and never have, and never will.”
See Alan Rickman : Life in Pictures Gallery at The Independent

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Daniel Radcliffe on Alan Rickman: ‘I will carry the lessons he taught me for the rest of my life’

(AP Photo/Starpix, Dave Allocca)
Daniel Radcliffe has joined J.K. Rowling in paying tribute to Alan Rickman, remembering the man who played Severus Snape to his Boy Who Lived in the eight Harry Potter films.
“Alan Rickman is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors I will ever work with,” Radcliffe wrote Thursday on his Google Plus page. “He is also one of the [most loyal] and most supportive people I’ve ever met in the film industry. He was so encouraging of me both on set and in the years post-Potter. I’m pretty sure he came and saw everything I ever did on stage both in London and New York. He didn’t have to do that. I know other people who’ve been friends with him for much much longer than I have and they all say ‘if you call Alan, it doesn’t matter where in the world he is or how busy he is with what he’s doing, he’ll get back to you within a day.’”

Radcliffe continued, “People create perceptions of actors based on the parts they played so it might surprise some people to learn that contrary to some of the sterner (or downright scary) characters he played, Alan was extremely kind, generous, self-deprecating and funny. And certain things obviously became even funnier when delivered in his unmistakable double-bass.”

As a young actor on the Harry Potter set, Radcliffe added that Rickman was one of the first adults to treat him “like a peer rather than a child.”

“Working with him at such a formative age was incredibly important and I will carry the lessons he taught me for the rest of my life and career,” he wrote. “Film sets and theatre stages are all far poorer for the loss of this great actor and man.”
Rickman died Thursday at the age of 69.
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Lady Gaga Hints at New Album Release in 2016

[yasr_visitor_votes size=”medium”]Lady Gaga Hints at New Album Release in 2016
Lady Gaga, winner of the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television for ‘American Horror Story’, poses in the press room at the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 10, 2016.
The Golden Globes turned out to be a particularly rewarding night for millions of Little Monsters. Lady Gaga collected a Golden Globe (for best actress in a miniseries or TV movie) and collected Leonardo DiCaprio en route to the podium. Turns out she kept her biggest moment to share with those waiting backstage: the pop superstar revealed that a new album is on its way.
“You know, I am putting out an album this year. I won’t tell you when,” Gaga told reporters backstage.

Gaga’s as-yet-untitled album studio album will be her first since the Tony Bennett collab Cheek to Cheek from September 2014, and her first set of original recordings since 2013’s Artpop, which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.
Earlier, an emotional Gaga shared the goodwill after winning for her onscreen role as bloodthirsty hotel owner character, The Countess, in the fifth installment of America Horror Story: Hotel. “I feel like Cher in that John Patrick Shanley film Moonstruck right now, this is one of the greatest moments of my life,” she said onstage. “You’re my family forever. … Because of you, I was able to shine, I guess. So thank you for sharing your talent with me. I wanted to be an actress before I wanted to be a singer, but music worked out first.”

The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards was held Sunday (Jan. 10) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Explains His Hilarious Reaction to Lady Gaga's Win and the Fact That It Broke the Internet

Leonardo DiCaprio became a trending topic during Sunday night’s Golden Globes for one particular moment — and no, we’re not talking about his win for The Revenant.

The 41-year-old actor made quite a face when Lady Gaga, who was walking toward the stage to accept her award for Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie, touched his back as she walked by. Caught off guard, DiCaprio noticeably jumped in his seat and winced. The moment exploded on social media with numerous GIFs, Vines and screenshots.

“Oh lord — that’s trending, huh?” DiCaprio said when ET’s Cameron Mathison broke the news in our backstage interview room that that memorable moment was the talk of the Internet.

DiCaprio had a completely logical explanation for why he made the face he did when Lady Gaga brushed by him.
“I just didn’t know what was passing me — that’s all!” the Revenant star admitted.

DiCaprio won a Globe himself for his harrowing performance in the gritty film.

“This is a type of film that you won’t see coming out of the Hollywood studio system very often,” he said. “It’s an epic art film and I’m just so happy it got recognized tonight.”

The Revenant, which co-stars Tom Hardy, took home three awards, including Best Director for Alejandro G. Inarritu and Best Motion Picture, Drama.

“I want to make more movies like this, and I want the studios to take more chances on movies like this,” DiCaprio added.
Meanwhile, DiCaprio brought his father, George, as his plus-one to the glitzy, star-studded awards show.

“I’m happy to bring my dad,” DiCaprio told ET’s Nancy O’Dell on the red carpet. “I don’t think he ever gets to go on stuff like this, so it’s gonna be a fun night for us.”

But seriously, let’s relive the DiCaprio-Gaga moment one more time…


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Lionel Messi Wins Fifth Ballon d'Or


2015 was quite the year for Lionel Messi and it’s unsurprisingly been topped off by yet another Ballon d’Or victory for the Barcelona forward.

Messi, along with fellow Ballon d’Or podium teammate Neymar, helped Barcelona to win five trophies in 2015. As well as the La Liga, Copa del Rey, Champions League treble from the 2014/15 season they’ve also won the European Super Cup and World Club Cup since August.

Messi finished the year with 48 goals at 0.86 a game and 24 assists. Winning the trophy for the fifth time extends his lead of Cristiano Ronaldo who has picked up the award three times including the previous two occasions.

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David Bowie Dies at Age 69 After Battling Cancer

David Bowie Dies at Age 69 After Battling Cancer
David Bowie poses for a portrait in 1976.

David Bowie has died after a battle with cancer, his rep confirmed to Billboard. He was 69.

“David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief,” read a statement posted on the artist’s official social media accounts.

The influential singer-songwriter and producer excelled at glam rock, art rock, soul, hard rock, dance pop, punk and electronica during his eclectic 40-plus-year career. He just released his 25th album, Blackstar, Jan. 8, which was his birthday.

Bowie’s artistic breakthrough came with 1972’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, an album that fostered the notion of rock star as space alien. Fusing British mod with Japanese kabuki styles and rock with theater, Bowie created the flamboyant, androgynous alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

David Bowie’s Death: Musicians and Celebs React on Social Media

Three years later, Bowie achieved his first major American crossover success with the No. 1 single “Fame” off the top 10 album Young Americans, then followed with the 1976 avant-garde art rock LP Station to Station, which made it to No. 3 on the charts and featured top 10 hit “Golden Years.”

Other memorable songs included 1983’s “Let’s Dance” — his only other No. 1 U.S. hit — “Space Oddity,” “Heroes,” “Changes,” “Under Pressure,” “China Girl,” “Modern Love,” “Rebel, Rebel,” “All the Young Dudes,” “Panic in Detroit,” “Fashion,” “Life on Mars,” “Suffragette City” and a 1977 Christmas medley with Bing Crosby.

With his different-colored eyes (the result of a schoolyard fight) and needlelike frame, Bowie was a natural to segue from music into curious movie roles, and he starred as an alien seeking help for his dying planet in Nicolas Roeg’s surreal The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976). Critics later applauded his three-month Broadway stint as the misshapen lead in 1980’s The Elephant Man.

Bowie also starred in Marlene Dietrich’s last film, Just a Gigolo (1978), portrayed a World War II prisoner of war in Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983), and played Pontius Pilate in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ (1988). He also starred as Jareth the Goblin King in the 1986 cult favorite Labyrinth, opposite Jennifer Connelly. And in another groundbreaking move, Bowie, who always embraced technology, became the first rock star to morph into an Internet Service Provider with the launch in September 1998 of BowieNet.

Born David Jones in London on Jan. 8, 1947, Bowie changed his name in 1966 after The Monkees’ Davy Jones achieved stardom. He played saxophone and started a mime company, and after stints in several bands he signed with Mercury Records, which in 1969 released his album Man of Words, Man of Music, which featured “Space Oddity,” a poignant song about an astronaut, Major Tom, spiraling out of control.

In an attempt to stir interest in Ziggy Stardust, Bowie revealed in a January 1972 magazine interview that he was gay — though that might have been a publicity stunt — dyed his hair orange and began wearing women’s garb. The album became a sensation.

Wrote rock critic Robert Christgau: “This is audacious stuff right down to the stubborn wispiness of its sound, and Bowie’s actorly intonations add humor and shades of meaning to the words, which are often witty and rarely precious, offering an unusually candid and detailed vantage on the rock star’s world.”

Bowie changed gears in 1975. Becoming obsessed with the dance/funk sounds of Philadelphia, his self-proclaimed “plastic soul”-infused Young Americans peaked at No. 9 with the single “Fame,” which he co-wrote with John Lennon and guitarist Carlos Alomar.

After the soulful but colder Station to Station, Bowie again confounded expectations after settling in Germany by recording the atmospheric 1977 album Low, the first of his “Berlin Trilogy” collaborations with keyboardist Brian Eno.

David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ Is Filled With Songs About Death and Doom: Album Review

In 1980, Bowie brought out Scary Monsters, which cast a nod to the Major Tom character from “Space Oddity” with the sequel “Ashes to Ashes.” He followed with Tonight in 1984 and Never Let Me Down in 1987 and collaborations with Queen, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, The Pat Metheny Group and others. He formed the quartet Tin Machine, but the band didn’t garner much critical acclaim or commercial gain with two albums.

Bowie returned to a solo career with 1993’s Black Tie White Noise, which saw him return to work with his Spider From Mars guitarist Mick Ronson, then recorded 1995’s Outside with Eno and toured with Nine Inch Nails as his opening act. He returned to the studio in 1996 to record the techno-influenced Earthling. Two more albums, 1999’s hours … and 2002’s Heathen, followed.

Bowie also produced albums for, among others, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and The Stooges and Moot the Hoople, for which he wrote the song “All the Young Dudes.” He earned a lifetime achievement Grammy Award in 2006 but never performed onstage again.

Bowie was relatively quiet between the years of 2004 and 2012, reemerging in 2013 with the album The Next Day. Its arrival was met with a social media firestorm which catapulted it to No. 2 on the Billboard 200, his highest charting album ever.

While demand for a tour by the reclusive rock star had been relentless, Bowie kept a decidedly low profile, maintaining a residence in New York but rarely seen.

Bowie recently opened the rock musical Lazarus in New York City, in which he revisits the character he played in The Man Who Fell to Earth. The project — based on American writer Walter Tevis’ 1963 sci-fi novel, directed by Ivo van Hove and starring Michael C. Hall — was initiated by Bowie, who has long nurtured the idea of a return to the character he played onscreen.

A video for the song “Lazarus,” which is included on the album Blackstar, was released on Jan. 7.

Survivors include his wife, the model Iman, whom Bowie married in 1992; his son, director Duncan Jones; and daughter Alexandria.