Battle Of The Bastards : ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6, Episode 9 – Review

Oh, and Melisandre. She’s not necessarily a bad guy, but she did convince Stannis to burn a bunch of people, including his own daughter. Davos discovers the truth of this finally, on his walk outside of camp. He comes across her pyre, and finds the little stag he carved for her there in the ashes. It looks like next week there will be some confrontation between him and the Red Lady at last.

All told, this was not as great a battle episode as Hardhome was last season, but it was still a pretty intense battle. I guessed the knights of the Vale would show up to save them, so it wasn’t exactly an unpredictable episode, but I was actually really worried that they were going to kill off Tormund. A small part of me thought maybe they’d go full shock value and just kill Jon again, too. If Beric Dondarrion can keep coming back, so can Jon.

In the end, thankfully the good guys won. And the bad guys won, too, if you count Littlefinger as a victor—which, of course, he was. Now he’ll want to marry Sansa, of course, and become Lord of Winterfell himself. Then he’ll control the Vale and the North. I’m a bit worried about this, since he has pretty much all the fighting men at Winterfell right now. If she denies him, what sort of pressure could he apply?

For now, though, let’s take a moment to celebrate. House Bolton has fallen. As we fly up, up, high above Winterfell we can see the flayed man banners falling, the direwolf banners once more hanging from the castle’s walls. We’ll let the inhabitants of the castle take a breath, however brief, and enjoy the victory.

We’ll fly to the only other location seen in tonight’s penultimate episode:


Three very important things happen in Meereen.

Number One
The most obvious is that Dany frees her dragons and rides over the slaver fleet, burning some of the ships and putting a very quick end to the assault on the city. Apparently many ships remain unscathed by the dragon fire, which is good since they’ll need them to get to Westeros—if, of course, that’s what they ever intend on actually doing.

Probably the best thing about all of this is just how glorious the dragons were, and especially Drogon. The CGI has only improved over the years, and the dragons have never looked so good as they did tonight. As Dany burns the ships, you can’t help but marvel at just how incredible it all looks. HBO has spared no expense, it would seem, and good thing, too.

With the enemy defeated, the overly confident slave masters find themselves in a much more precarious position. They’d come to negotiate the surrender of Meereen, making all sorts of outrageous demands. Dany would have to leave on foot. She’d leave the Unsullied and Missandei to be sold back into slavery. And her dragons would be butchered. I guess they didn’t realize Drogon was out and about. Sort of a minor detail.

Tyrion tells them that one of the three Great Masters would have to die, so two of the men choose the third. Grey Worm walks up, and the man falls to his knees begging for mercy. So Grey Worm just takes his knife and cuts both the standing mens’ throats in one fell swoop. Double Kill! I laughed out loud. It wasn’t that I didn’t expect a twist. I just didn’t expect it to be so badass.

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