Beautiful Food-Inspired Accessories That Will Give You Instant Cravings

We’ve all heard the phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve,” but what if you could wear your lunch on your sleeve, too?
That’s basically the concept behind jewelry and accessory designer Rommy Kuperus, aka Rommy Debommy’s work. She’s an Etsy artist that makes insanely realistic and adorable clothing, all of which is inspired by food, candy, and cakes.
Working out of the Netherlands, Debommy has become somewhat of an internet sensation due to her work. The pieces are created from precisely cut and painted foam, and they really do look like gigantic versions of the real thing. Would you wear these delectably whimsical pieces?

You can keep dessert in your purse, and your purse can be dessert.

One thing is certain: This talented artist’s work isn’t like anything we’ve ever seen before.

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