Blowing On Your Thumb Will Have An Suprising Effect On Your Body!

Zap Nervousness For Good
Does this sounds familiar? You’re all dressed and ready for your big date, but the butterflies in your stomach are all you can think about! Now you can calm your nerves in seconds by blowing on your thumb. It may sound strange, but doing so will regulate your breathing and will control your vagus nerve, which helps slow your heart rate. Butterflies, be gone!

Get Rid Of That Migraine Right Now
You don’t need expensive and addictive pain medication to treat your pounding migraine! Try the ancient technique of using pressure points to relieve even the worst headache pain. According to LiveStrong, you’ll use your thumb and forefinger on one hand to apply pressure to the same webbed area (between your other thumb and forefinger) on your other hand. Press and hold for two minutes on each side, while rotating your fingers in a gentle, circular motion – this will allow blood to flow out of your head and neck, and will loosen any Ki, or “blocked energy.”

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Give Them A Shot
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