Boil Bananas Before Bed, Drink The Liquid & You Won’t Believe What Will Happen To Your Sleep!

Many people have issues with sleeping. Namely, very often they experience restless nights of tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling, and are unable to get more than few hours of sleep.
Experts explain that the more we worry about not sleeping, the more our mind races, and next thing we see is that the sun already rises.

Luckily, in today’s article we are going to reveal you the perfect recipe that will put end to all your poor sleeping patterns. It comes to delicious tea recipe that will improve your cycle completely.

There are many reasons that cause irregular sleeping patterns or even insomnia such as depression, stress and anxiety.
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Certain medications can also cause insomnia.

Additionally, there are many drugs that contribute to sleep loss. Pain medications, antihistamines, and heart and blood pressure medicines are among the many medications. Although some meds might actually make you drowsy at first, they can also trigger frequent bathroom trips or anxiety which can further disturb the rest.


The solution with your sleeping issues is banana tea.

This organic, banana – infused sleep remedy works wonders and has great taste. But, the question is, how does it work?

Bananas, especially banana peels, are abundant with potassium and magnesium. Magnesium helps prevent sleep disturbances, while both magnesium and potassium work together to help relax the muscles.
It is extremely important to use 100% organic bananas. Be aware that bananas that are not organic are loaded with harmful pesticides and due to the fact that you will need to eat the boiled peel, it must be chemical – free.


1 organic banana

1 small pot of water

a dash of cinnamon (optional)

Preparation: Just cut off both ends of the banana and place it into boiling water. You should boil it about 10 minutes.

Next, using a colander, pour the water into a mug. If you want to, you can sprinkle cinnamon into the tea. It is recommended to drink it 1 hour before bed time.


It is quite shocking that almost half of the American population suffering from insomnia or poor sleep. Many people are despair, and use sleeping pills.

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