Brother Died In A Car Accident,Ten Years Later Her Mom & Dad Told Her A Secret On Her Birthday

Although very excited about her Quinceañera, Monique was also sad that her brother couldn’t be there.

Aubrey and her mother wanted to meet the family who gave Aubrey a second chance at life and drove 10 hours to get to Monique’s birthday party.

When they came in, they were first unnoticed among the crowd of people. Then, Monique’s parents told the secret – the heart of Monique’s dead brother, Mikey, was in the middle of the room, alive and beating in the chest of a young girl. Monique broke in tears the moment she realized that the person who’d received her brother’s heart was there.

When Aubrey approached the family, the two girls and Monique’s mom Melissa embraced each other in tears.

When Monique gave Aubrey a hug she could feel her brother’s heart beating. With his heart still alive in Aubrey’s chest, Mickey was actually at his sister’s 15th birthday.

This was more than Monique could’ve hoped for. She had readily accepted Aubrey as her sister. Aubrey promised Monique that she’d always be there if she needed her.

Monique was enormously grateful to have Mikey at her Quinceañera and to meet her new “sister” Aubrey at the same time.

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