Cashier Judged Her Because Of Her Hair Color. Her Comeback Left The Cashier Stunned.

Nothing that matters about you, or about anyone of us really, can be determined by a brief visual examination. You can’t see what is most important in a person.


A woman comented :

I am a nurse also and the different hospitals I worked at always stated we needed to look professional at all times. You are right, everyone should be able to define how they want to look to others without snide or unkind comments, but I also have to say that I have never worked at a hospital that would let me come to work with patients while showing multiple tattoos,piercings, or hair deemed unconventional. These types of things are always commented on in the paperwork you sign when you first start a new job. You are lucky you work at a hospital that is flouting convention and allowing personalities to show through. Patients should receive the same wonderful care no matter what your convictions are!!