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Man Was Driving His Car, He Saw This Cat Stuck In A Fence. Watch When He Took A Closer Look!

Driving on an Arizona freeway, Richard Christianson saw a cat that appeared to be stuck in the fence along the median. Richard immediately called 911; he was told to call the Arizona Humane Society.

Image Credit: MC Magic / Facebook

When he did, Richard was told that because the cat was on a dangerous roadway, he had to call the Department of Public Safety. Geez! Richard posted this story on Facebook, he said the cat hadn’t gotten any help for about 7 hours.

Image Credit: MC Magic / Facebook

FollowingIMGsd78fsRichard couldn’t stand it anymore and walked along the freeway to get the cat himself and take it to the humane society. Here is the video he took off the terrified ginger cat. This poor kitty is glad to see someone come to his aid!

The cat, an American Curl, had one paw stuck in the metal fencing. The blood and feces told Richard the kitty had been there for some time and had started to chew his paw and the metal to get free.

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Dog Put Up For Adoption, Was Supposed To Impress Future Owners With A Photoshoot! Now Watch The Result

While most posts of the adoptable pets at San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) tend to get a fairly modest amount of likes and shares on social media channels, this pooch named Carpe Diem has recently stolen everyone’s hearts as his awkward pics were shared a few days ago by the rescue.
“Adopt Carpe Diem and you will OWN #MyWeirdDog,” said SFACC’s tweet that has already been reshared 757 times and liked by 1.7K animal lovers and it’s not difficult to see why. Just look at his face – derp overload! “He’s a Chihuahua – maybe a Chihuahua mix,” Deb Campbell, a rep for SFACC. “He’s a very silly little dog, not shivering like many little dogs. He is very expressive. He is always happy and upbeat and excited about everything he sees and everyone he meets. His name fits him perfectly, because he seizes every day!”
UPDATE: Carpe Diem has just been adopted!

Meet Carpe Diem, the stray whose adoption photo shoot has recently won Twitter

“Adopt Carpe Diem and you will OWN #MyWeirdDog,” said SFACC’s tweet that has already been reshared 757 times and liked by 1.7K animal lovers

And it’s easy to see why – just look at this derpy face!

“He’s a very silly little dog,” said SFACC’s Deb Campbell

“He is always happy and upbeat and excited about everything he sees and everyone he meets”

UPDATE: he has just been adopted!

This Baby Wanted To Sleep On Their Dog’s Bed! Watch What The Dog Does!

There are times when you want to do something, but you never get the right inspiration, or the right person to talk to. Looks like for this little baby, that will never be a problem! You see, today he decided he was going to sleep on his dog’s bed, and as soon as the dog realized what the baby wished to do, he did something so incredible, something so heart-touching, I couldn’t help but shed a tear…of joy!

The dog loves his baby brother so much that he removed his blanket, laid it on the floor and decided to sleep on the floor so his baby brother can sleep on his bed! I don’t know what to say, all I do know is that their friendship is going to be a very, very strong one 🙂 When you see this video, you’ll feel the same too 🙂

Take a look at this video!

Incredible isn’t it? Was I the only one who literally cried!? Don’t forget to share this incredible bond with your friends too

Fisherman Hears Desperate Cries! Watch The River Bank When He Whistles!

Fishing should be a relaxing time when you can collect your thoughts and enjoy nature. But for these fishermen, fate had a different plan for them. A group of fishermen were hanging out in their boat when they heard whimpering and crying from somewhere close by.

What they discovered was a small black puppy that had been abandoned on the shore. It was cold, wet, and extremely hungry. Once it caught sight of the men, it started wriggling its little body in hopes that they would come to its rescue, and that’s exactly what they did.

Take a look at this video!

After one of the men took him home and gave him some food, he discovered that he had a friend who was looking for a dog, and the lucky pup found his own forever home! Share away, people!

Little Girl Wanted To Play With This Dog. But Look Closer…That’s Not A Dog!

There’s just something so fascinating about marionettes. They seem so simple yet their movements can be so unbelievably captivating. I’ve only seen a few marionette shows but here’s one that’s just so unbelievably charming (it doesn’t hurt that I also love dogs). It’s truly an exceptional performance and the reaction from the audience pretty much says it all! The attention to detail is truly a sight to behold!

15 Dogs With Absolutely No Understanding Of Personal Space.

I am the proud dad to a very friendly little Labrador called Pipa. When we’re hanging at the house, she’s laid back as can be. But the moment anyone else comes around she’s the incarnation of a lap dog.

All 15 furry friends listed below have absolutely no concept of personal space. The moment they’re given a little attention, it’s all hands on deck for a cuddle session. And we love it.

Check out the list below and share if these cute little guys made your day!

1. I will sit here.


Image via Reddit

  1. Wolf dog or lap dog?


image via imgur

  1. Oh hi.


image via iheartdogs

  1. What is personal space exactly?


Image via Imgur

  1. Mommmmm!


image via iheartdogs

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Parents Are Horrified When Their Adopted Doberman Grabs Their Daughter.Then They Realize Why..

Catherine Svilicic was watching her 17-month-old daughter Charlotte play in the yard with their Doberman named Khan. The large dog was abused and abandoned by his previous owner, and the Svilicic family had just adopted him only four days earlier.

Even though the pup and the little girl seemed to get along, Khan was about to do something to their daughter that no one would soon forget…

While they were playing outside, the big Doberman became aggressive, pushing Charlotte around the yard. Suddenly, he grabbed the toddler by the diaper and threw her across the yard.


Image via Can Dogs Eat This

Charlotte’s mother was horrified, but then she realized what had happened: Khan had seen a poisonous snake heading right for the little girl, and his seemingly violent action was actually an attempt to save her life.


This brave dog got Charlotte out of the way just in time: he was bitten by the snake moments later. Thankfully, the vet gave Khan an anti-venom shot, and he was able to recover.


Image via Adelaidenow

If he hadn’t stepped in, the venomous snake would have most likely struck baby Charlotte instead. Even though Khan had only been a part of his new family for four days, this hero pup still knew what he had to do, and he put his life on the line to protect his own.


Image via catsandogseat

The Svilicics plan to pay Khan back every day by giving him the home he deserves and the love he showed their family in such a remarkable way.

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Men Rushed Into The Garden To Help The Dying Dog. Then Something Unexpected Happened.

The pictures are really hard to look at. They are of a dog suffering from severe injuries in a garden in India. It seems like she doesn’t have one ounce of energy left in her. She has a weary and feeble look about her and her body is faint and still. There is a gash on her head; where it came from and how the dog got to be in this situation is unclear.

She is so fortunate to be discovered and rescued by volunteers from the Animal Aid Unlimited organization in India. When the men draw closer to her, she hardly flinches.


Image via Youtube/ Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Without any resistance, she lets the men take her immediately to the vet to be treated. It is not until she gets there, that they realize the severity of her wounds and suffering. The poor dog, who is given the name, ‘Happy’, is really shaken up. Blood is still streaming out from the her head, and the vets immediately have to administer medication and tend to her wounds.


Image via Youtube/ Animal Aid Unlimited, India

It takes a while for Happy to get back onto all fours. The vets and helpers from the animal aid organization fear that she will suffer permanent brain damage and may not be able to recover at all because her condition did not seem to change after two weeks.

It is only after a full week has passed that things start to take a turn for the better. Happy slowly stands back up on her feet. It’s almost as if something magical happened. She suddenly gained back her strength that she had lost and her condition just got drastically better and better.

Happy is now running around again, as if nothing had happened. She plays with the other dogs who get taken in at the aid organization and enjoys having her tummy stroked.

 It is safe to say that it is all thanks to the dedication and patience of the animal protection volunteers who luckily go around rescuing animals from their death. Without this outside help, Happy most certainly would not have made it.

It is touching to see how lovingly the helpers look after and treat the animals and how well Happy seems to be in their company. Here you can watch a video all about Happy’s rescue story:

This will touch your heart, when you see how the helpers make a difference. It all seemed to be a lost cause with Happy, but then she was able to start a whole new life again.

This Rescue Dog’s Instagram Filled With Food Porn Is Your New Favorite Foodie

Meet Popeye, a rescue mutt from the Los Angeles area who knows what good food is. He might look tiny but he has a hell of an appetite! Popeye’s humans take him on their dine outs and he absolutely loves it.

Popeye also knows how to dress for the special occasions. If it’s a taco night, he’ll bring his tiny sombrero with him, or if it’s a fancy occasion, he will pull out a fancy suit.
And no wonder the pooch tries so hard – just look at the food he’s getting, YUM! He already has a following of 32K! Which pics make you drool the most? Let us know in the comments!

Image via poopeythefoodie

Image via poopeythefoodie

Image via poopeythefoodie


World’s Saddest Polar Bear Died After 22 Years In Argentina’s Zoo

Arturo, the “World’s saddest polar bear,” died at the age of 30 after 22 years of captivity at the Mendoza Zoological Park in Argentina on July 3.
Arturo’s living conditions made him go “insane.” He often exhibited behavior such as repetitive movements that usually showcase the stress of captivity.
Hundreds of thousands of people petitioned to rescue him from the horrible conditions he was living in (Argentina is not the best place for a polar bear, after all), but the zoo refused to let him go.
You were deprived of everything a polar bear is supposed to experience but may you rest in peace, Arturo. You’re finally free.

“Arturo spent a lifetime in conditions that I think would be inherently stressful and unkind to him as an animal”
Image via Facebook / Arturo

“Every part of a polar bear’s body is designed for snow, for ice, for predatory habits and roaming huge distances”
“For 30 years Arturo was deprived of it,” explained Barry MacKay who tried to have Arturo relocated to a zoo in Canada
“I hope that we can put an end to keeping these animals in environments that aren’t good for them”
May you rest in peace, Arturo. You’re finally free
Image via Facebook / Arturo

Watch the video here: