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Need A Quick Photo Edit? Don’t Send It To This Guy!

Want a pic professionally photosshopped ?
This guy is insane lol.
He”s the Kind of troll that makes your day better. Checkout the collection below to see a few of his work.

Image via theChive
Want a pic brutally photoshopped? Send it to designer James Fridman and he’ll do his best.

Image via theChive

Wasn‘t it a good troll ?
Image via theChive

This was the best reply ever…
Image via theChive

You may ask something simmilar for your girlfriend guys!
Image via theChive

Here‘s another Win reply…
Image via theChive

She got what she asked for …
Image via theChive

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These 15 Kids Have The Weirdest & Most Hilarious Life Goals Ever

Nothing is normal nowadays, even the kids are getting weirder than before. When I was a kid everything was normal, kids were behaving normally and life was great, but now kids are so weird and obnoxious, I don’t know why but it’s probably the food we’re eating and growing up with all these various kinds of electronics that probably fried their brains and now there’s no way to fix it. All jokes aside these kids are hilarious in the most adorable and innocent way possible, and the goals in the pictures bellow are just so random and funny.

1. I like this kid.
Image via BP

2. The real life goals.
Image via BP

3. Easy there little Hitler.
Image via BP

4. They told me I could become anything.
Image via BP

5. Sounds logical.
Image via BP

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Father And Daughter Duo Takes Over The Internet With Their Natural Hairdos!

Benny Harlem is an aspiring singer, songwriter, model and, most importantly, amazing dad. Benny and his 6-year-old daughter Jaxyn are gaining more and more attention due to their special bond and unique looks. This amazing dad shows a great example to his little girl of how to show confidence in everything you do and embrace your heritage. Benny says that his, as parent’s, job is to protect and grow his child. By showing so much attention and care he hopes that Jaxyn will grow up to be a confident and strong person.

Their beautiful father-daughter love is not the only thing that this duo shares – they both rock amazing hairdos. Little Jaxyn looks confident and happy in her own skin so you can’t deny that Benny is doing a great job being a role model.

‘Fatherhood is a miracle and an honor’
Image via BennyHarlem Instagram

‘My only concern of my daughter is the nobility of her character. I teach her to demand respect’
Image via BennyHarlem Instagram

‘She’s a beautiful girl who’s gonna be a pretty woman, but I teach her to love herself first’
Image via BennyHarlem Instagram

‘The only way for me to protect her for life is to prepare her for life’
Image via BennyHarlem Instagram

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A Reminder To Always Check The Background Before Taking A Picture

Weird stuff is happening all around us… constantly. Check out your photos before you upload, people. – A Reminder to Always Check The Background Before Taking a Picture

No wonder she’s smiling!

Dear kangaroos cavorting in the background:
We know it’s been years since Paris Hilton has been a big deal, but she’s still a human being with feelings, so please try to be a bit more respectful in her presence.
Thank you.

Hopefully this is the only crotch shot this guy has ever secretly snapped.

When your kid throws a tantrum in a public place you can either comfort him or hurl him into the abyss.

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12 Toys From Our Childhood That Are Now Worth A Fortune!

If you are the type to easily get rid of your old toys, you may not want to read what’s coming because you will be kicking yourself.

Many of our old toys can now be sold for some intriguing amounts on various websites.

In the list below, you will see the 12 toys that you all probably played with when you were a child that can be your big payday!

Feel free to share this list with your friends! You never know, you might be very rich thanks to this post!

1. Furbies
If you have an original and it’s still in its box, you can sell it for about $900!

2. The first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (the book)
The first edition can be worth up to $6,500 and if signed, this book can be sold for almost $15,000!

3. The American Girl Doll
The latest release can be worth up to $120, but the first editions can earn you up to $5,000 if you have the original clothes and accessories.

4. Pez Dispensers
Even without the candy inside, they can have good value, especially if you have the Astronaut B model, which paid tribute to World Expo 1982. This toy is worth up to $32,000.

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25 Embarrassing Photos Of Kim Kardashian That Kanye West Wishes Were Banned From The Internet

Kim Kardashian has always come up with the latest, unique and sexy outfits. She has a unique fashion style and has a lot of fans who follow her. She is always in the news with her super sexy dressing styles. Here are 25 mind blowing fashion statements of Kim Kardashian that will blow your mind.

Kim, Oh KIm!
Image via Devushka

Kim exposing in public
Image via
Kim looking like a cowboy.

Killer in black belt.
Image via tomiscolourpaviion
Does that black belt really suits on that dress.

Have a look at her shoes

Image via emgn
Trying so many shoes with one piece dress. That’s not a cool choice.

Kim in a see-through vest
Image via pinterest
Kanye will never appreciate Kim wearing a see through vest Kim in public.

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These Epic Replies Prove That You Should Never Ever Text Your Ex

Have you ever drunk text that guy you just broke up with?

Do you feel like you need to talk to her and get things back in place?

Drop down your ammunition’s as in the urge to ping and if you have ever been tempted to text your ex, go through these hilarious responses before you press that “SEND” button.

You see I don’t know you anymore!
Image via allnight

The cheat game is old honey!
Image via allnight

Poop got serious!
Image via allnight

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21 Beautiful Before And After Pregnancy Photos Of Moms Will Make You Go Aww

Every woman experiences the most wonderful transformation during her pregnancy. It is a special moment to cherish and prepare for the new person in life. The journey of maternity before and after giving birth is out of the world.

Here I am sharing some beautiful images of mothers captured before and after pregnancy. These amazing photos will surely give pregnancy goals to all the new moms. Have a look!

1) This is what a mom, dad and baby want.

2) The journey of pregnancy is miraculous.

3) Every mom desires to look perfect during her pregnancy.

4) Dad’s love for baby bump and baby.

5) It feels great to welcome your baby in the new world.

6) Rainbow photo-shoot of the moms who suffered a previous loss before having babies.

7) Three major stages of pregnancy: pregnancy test, baby bump and finally baby.

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12 Photos That Appear To Be Photoshopped, But Are Actually Frighteningly Real!

The development of Photoshop has allowed both professional photographers and ordinary people to manipulate photos in spectacular ways with relative ease. While some people are so terrible at Photoshop that it’s painful to see, others are so good that they are able to make the impossible look real.
But while these 12 photos might look like something that couldn’t be done without photo retouching magic, the truth is far more amazing: they haven’t been edited at all!

1. A terrifying dust storm in Australia.
Image via cloudinary

2. That’s not a terribly misplaced cruise ship. It’s a South Korean hotel.
Image via cloudinary

3. French graffiti artist Tilt put his mark on half of this room, and left the other half entirely white.
Image via cloudinary

4. A big green ball of grass? Nope. It’s an optical illusion on perfectly flat pavement near Paris’s city hall.
Image via cloudinary

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Six babies who Made Headlines 6 Years Ago Are Again In News!

Remember the viral photo of these 6 babies ? Here”s what they Look Like Now.
Years ago a photo was in headlines. Years later, its recreation is in headlines. This is beautiful.
McGhee Family
Image via
I am sure you remember this pic that became an Internet sensation 6 years ago. Everyone was in love with this pic and it was shared by a lot of people in an era when social media was still trying to strengthen their feet in the world.

So this is the McGhee family. They are in news again. And trust me, the reason is adorable again.

The Proud Parents
Image via
Before we show you the new picture which is doing rounds online, we want you to look at this. Meet Mia and Rozonno McGhee. They are the proud parents of the sextuplets who stole our hearts six years ago with their newborn photo shoot.

This family has recreated a picture that has gained a lot of appreciation again.

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