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7 Signs Of A Horny Woman When She Wants To Have Sex With You

1: Her eyes are wandering.
Here comes the tricky part. Dive into the battle scene with all your weapons (that is your killer smile and confidence). Look out for a girl who seems disinterested in whatever her girlfriends are chatting away. Her eyes are roaming everywhere on everyone *winks*. Take this as your cue to show off your awesome personality.

2: She flirts with almost every guy who smiles at her.
You have to keep a close eye on exactly how she responds to guys. Does she smile at each one of them? Does she flirt with them? All these are signs, guys. Take them seriously

3: Her hair holds all the secrets you want to know.
Got the girl you have been looking for? Hold on a second there. You have got to be 100% sure that she is as horny as you are and is all willing for some bedroom fun. Notice her hair. Is she playing with them? Running her hair sensually with them?

4: She is flaunting herself.
Is her skin on the show? Is she trying to show it even more when your eyes fixate on her? Well, you are on the roll person. Not only is she wearing a seductive dress for the obvious reasons but her eyes are zeroed on you. Go you!

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12 Reasons Why Kids Can’t Be Left Alone With Their Dads

As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben once famously said, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and few responsibilities are greater than that of being a father. But as you can see from these hilarious pictures, some dads take that responsibility more seriously than others.
This list of dad fails is sure to make you laugh regardless of whether you’re a parent or not. But if you’re a mom then, well, you might want to check to make sure your husband isn’t drawing eyebrows on the baby or sizing it up for a watermelon helmet…
Have any dad fails that are so bad they’re good? Then feel free to share them below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

#1 Two Kiwis

#2 Dad Left Alone With The Baby

#3 When Dad Is Giving Baby A Bath
Image via imgur

#4 When Dad Gets The Kids Ready For School

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Nude Photo Shoot Of A Couple In Their 70s Shoot Has Gone Viral For An Excellent Reason

The models in the picture – Gerry, 75, and Darwin, 70 – have been in love with each other for over twenty years, and as you can see, their love looks as strong as ever. The shots were taken by Jade Beall, a photographer from Arizona, and since she uploaded them to her Facebook page they’ve been liked over 34,000 times and shared by more than 18,000 people.
“I refuse to accept the wide spread (mostly western) human belief system in regards to what is beautiful,” wrote the photographer on Instagram. “Why do we accept to believe that one thing must be more beautiful than another? Why cannot we embrace a million-billion definitions of beautiful?”

After the pictures went viral, Gerry wrote Jade a beautiful letter. “We wanted to show that wrinkles and aging, sagging body parts are NOT barriers to love unless you let them be,” he wrote. “Like fine wine or good cheese, we are more fully ourselves and more full of Love in our 70’s than we ever were in our 30’s and 40’s.”

Credit: Jade Beall

Despite all of the horrors that have taken place in recent weeks, there is still good to cling to in life. And, it might be argued, one of the most powerful and meaningful blessings in life is love.
Police might be shooting – and killing – African-American individuals at unprecedented rates and furious citizens might be retaliating in unacceptable ways, but the good-intentioned spirit of people is what endures.
The love that has broken through the jagged edges in life and shaped meaningful memories are what matters most, and that’s exactly what a couple’s recent photo shoot helps draw light to.
Gerry, 75, and Darwin, 70, have loved each other for over twenty years, and it seems evident their bond is as strong as ever. They might not depict conventional beauty, but in each other’s eyes, they are perfect.
The beautiful example of unconditional love is what has resulted in the series, shot by photographer Jade Beall of Arizona, to go viral.

Credit: Jade Beall

This beautiful portrait of an elderly naked couple embracing each other has recently gone viral as people around the world share their heartwarming testament to love.

Credit: Jade Beall

Credit: Jade Beall

Here Are 9 Things About Shampoo No One Told You Before

Almost every girl dreams to have “A good hair day.” And to make it work, shampoo plays a very important role. When it comes to washing your hair, simply lathering, rinsing and repeating, the process doesn’t work. In order to get the luxurious locks of hair, you need to follow every information that will guide you the correct way to wash your hair.

Most of you probably think that your shampoo is the foundation product that will give you long, shiny and silky hair. There are many facts that you didn’t know about your shampoo and I’m gonna reveal it right now!

Come on!

1. Using shampoo
You may use the herbal shampoo or the salon brand; it won’t show you the results if you don’t use them as they are supposed to be used. After applying the shampoo, gently massage your scalp with fingers so that impurities like oil and wax, which makes the scalp unhealthy, can be removed. Also, ensure that you rinse your shampoo completely.

2. Not all the ingredients are necessarily better.
Not all the natural ingredients work on hair, for example, lemon which is claimed to be a good ingredient for hair can irritate scalp and hair follicles. Also, mint and menthol which gives a soothing effect can cause allergies. These elements are balanced by experts in shampoo, don’t use them as a natural home remedy.

3. Don’t expect the claimed results.
Don’t just go on the results claimed by the shampoo commercials. A good foundation product and a lot of patience is required to get luxurious locks of hair.

4. Less is more.
Using too much shampoo creates a lot of foam, which prevents massaging scalp properly. Using the right amount of quantity will help the shampoo work effectively.

5. Even the fussy sounding ingredients may not work for you.
Many of the shampoos you use may show good results after the first wash, but it creates the build up after fourth or fifth wash. The commercials claim that they contain ingredients like olive oil, milk or any other such elements, but the fact is that one to five percent of that ingredient makes the difference.

6. Your fancy salon brand shampoos are easily available at the nearest drugstore.
Gone are the days when people used to believe that the salon brand shampoos available at the drugstore is adulterated or of low quality. The time has changed and the companies have extended the places where they can sell their products.

7. Use clarifying shampoo for blondes.
Your hair tends to become porous if you’ve dyed or bleached them and they are more prone to absorb unwanted impurities from the outside environment. Use clarifying shampoo more often so that they can neutralize unwanted tones.

8. Your hair never gets used to shampoo over time.
Tossing the bottle if shampoo isn’t working is not a good idea. As the seasons change, so does the texture of hair. Also, not rinsing off hair thoroughly can create a build up of shampoo on the scalp. It has nothing to do with shampoo not showing it’s results anymore.

9. Not all ingredients are created equally.
Many shampoos contain foaming agents which are harsh and can dry scalp. Stay away from such shampoos that use ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate as foaming agents.

How Much Sleep You Need According To Your Age!

A good night`s sleep is essential for good health and allows the brain to eliminate toxins. And, while lack of sleep is harmful, excessive sleep can also negatively affect the health.


Although adults need to have around 8 hours of sleep at night, this is not adequate for all ages. For example, children under 18 need to get more sleep.

The following chart shows the newest recommendations by the National Sleep Foundation. They are based on numerous studies conducted by experts in physiology, sleep and anatomy as well as neurology, pediatrics, gynecology and gerontology:

Even though having an hour less or more sleep from time to time is not serious, making this a habit may lead to serious health problems. These are the 7 reasons why you should pay attention to your sleeping habits:


Image via


Pain in the back can be pretty debilitating, leaving you in bed and making you unable to move or stand up. Excessive sleep can make you more prone to back pain since it weakens the muscles on your back. So, instead of staying in bed, do some low-intensity exercises to strengthen your back muscles.


Staying too long in bed can mix up your metabolism, so instead of using energy you will store it. A recent study in which two groups of participants had similar exercise and diet regimens, the group of participants who slept for ten hours a night were more likely to become obese 6 years afterwards than those who slept 8 hours.


Depression impacts the sleep in two ways, manifested by oversleeping or insomnia. About 15% of people who suffer from depression are sleeping excessively. Furthermore, oversleeping can have a negative impact on the mental health and hamper the recovery.


Chronic excessive sleep often causes headaches. This also damages certain neurotransmitters, like serotonin. As a consequence, the person can suffer from poor quality sleep overnight as well as headaches during daytime.


Having too much or too little sleep can reduce the ability of your body to process glucose, and this may lead to type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance over time. A study that analyzed the everyday habits of 276 people for six years revealed that those who slept less or more than the recommended were more likely to develop impaired tolerance to glucose and diabetes compared to those people who had normal sleeping habits.


Our heart needs both rest and exercise in order to be in shape and function properly. But, having too much of either of those can be dangerous. According to the Nurses’ Health Study that examined the sleeping habits of 72,000 women, those women who slept about 11 hours every night were more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease compared to those that had eight hours of sleep at night.


Although this phenomenon is not fully examined, people that have nine or more hours of sleep at night are more likely to die as a result of a medical condition compared to those who sleep eight hours.


1. Make a Sleep Schedule: Make a strict schedule that is compatible to your lifestyle. Unplug all devices one hour before going to sleep, meditate or practice yoga, and plan the time-sensitive activities so you could easily get out of bed in the morning.

2. Shower: Take a cold shower every time you feel sleepy. Even if you want to increase the heat, this will make you sleepier.

3. Work out: Exercising right after you wake up will clear your mind, boost the energy levels, and make your ready for the day!

4. Drink water: Drink a glass of lukewarm water after you wake up to stay hydrated during the day. Every time feel sleepy drink up to increase your energy levels!

5. Maintain your motivation: Find an interesting activity and adhere to it. This way you will stay motivated and avoid sleeping as an escape from you life.

18 Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest In the Relationship

Most of the times, what couples overlook in their relationship that is not going so well is the fact that they need to draw a line between determination and desperation.

You cannot make them care unless they want to by heart. If you find yourself wondering of ways to make them care so the relationship could work, you’ve already come to the stage where your partner doesn’t care about any of it. If they did, you wouldn’t feel the need to wonder that in the first place.

You need to accept the fact that not everything is under your control – especially the way people feel and where they choose to put their care and time. It’s the harsh truth, yes, but then no one told you that life would be easy.

If they did, they were lying.

Devising ways of new things you both should do together to bring back life to your relationship; we both look so good together; it could work between us if he did that, if she said this… and the list goes on. You need to stop doing it because it’s harmful for you as an individual.

There is absolutely no use losing yourself in the process of loving another; you may never regain yourself. It’s the same to them when you tell them how happy they make you and when you tell them they don’t. Below are 18 signs yours is a situation, not a relationship, and that it’s going nowhere.

  1. They are too busy to give you time

Time, when once given, cannot be taken back. Partners always give each other time in a relationship, a way of showing their care and love for each other. If your partner tells you they are too busy and will not be able to spare a couple of hours to come home and have lunch with you – they’ve already lost the care card.

You get all excited to talk to them after spending all day at work. You approach them. They’re always the first one to leave, making up otherwise lame excuses to get away from you – like being called by a friend to help them out with their car, even though you know they don’t have such close friends. Now combine these two concepts together: wanting to get away from you and caring. Do they bode well together for a relationship? They go days without talking to you, despite telling you they’d be there for you…not how it goes in a relationship where your partner truly cares. 

  1. They are indecisive

So they keep playing the cat and mouse game – just when you give up, they are all into the relationship; when you call it quits, they start thinking of getting back together. Stop letting them take such grave advantage of you and let them know relationships are not determined by such cliché aspects like coming and going when one wants to.

You get to have a say in it too. If they cannot accept this fact, then it is you who needs to leave for sure because clearly, whether you leave or stay is of no such concern to them.

There might be occasions you’ll doubt your partner or your relationship’s worth. When your partner doesn’t care about it enough, they won’t do anything to assure you everything’s good if they’re indecisive themselves. Don’t waste yourself for such a relationship.

  1. They make themselves the focus of attention

While you make sure your partner’s needs and desires etc. are met with accordingly, it leaves little or no room for you and all that you do for them in their ‘me-world’. This is a major sign that they do not care about you nor the relationship to make it a part of their happiness. Even if you did not do something grand for them, they would still take your hand and have you walk with them on every path of life. If they stop caring, they won’t even bother, as simple as that.

  1. They put the blame on you

Even when it is not your fault, you partner blames you for little things and big things in everyday life. They do not care enough about the healthy course your relationship can and should take and so, putting blames on you becomes habitual to them because holding someone else accountable for their own actions is easier to fulfil, is it not?

If they truly cared about you or your relationship, they would take the blame and not the other way around. It is just one of those small things we do in the name of love and friendship.

You two have a fight. One leaves. The other sits there wondering the why and how of it all. You’d expect them to have the decency to come to you and confront you about what happened, to clear things out. Seems like you had a blindfold on; for they never do, just blame you for everything without clearing things first. Maybe you aren’t in a position to; there can be many reasons. But if they really cared about the relationship, wouldn’t they come and sit with you and talk things out? The matter speaks for itself.

  1. They treat you arrogantly

There is nothing cool about treating others below you so if your partner acts in such a way where they use their high rank, charm or power etc to bring you down in any way then it is a sure sign they do not care enough to protect your feelings.

You know that homily feeling you get when you’re with your significant other? That feeling of security and stability’s among the first bricks to put in any relationship. When that feeling becomes dormant, either your partner is doing something less than what they did before or your relationship has simply lost that spark it once had, when everything seemed all rainbows and sunshine. Your time would be utterly wasted by investing your all in something that doesn’t even make you feel secure anymore. It’ll come down like a house of cards.

  1. Being disrespectful way too much

The things that are important to you and hold some special value to you ought to be respected and cared for by those around you too, those that truly care about you. What makes you happy would them happy.

But if your partner shows disrespect for the things that matter to you – whether it be religious beliefs or even a small pendant a close friend gifted to you and which you like a lot – then you do not need to stay with such a person who cannot treat the things you so value with equal respect.

  1. They are non-supportive

There is no good in being with someone who does not have your back. Support to a relationship is what water is to plants; it makes the other grow. So if your shows lack of support in your, may it be moral, social, financial or personal, it is a major sign they have stopped caring for you and your relationship at that level. *Continue reading on next page*

Support is a whole lot more than saying things the same things you are saying, going to the same places as you go to and hanging out with the same group of people you hang out with. Its roots lie deeper than such mediocre things.

Whether it’s the things they do or don’t, what they say or don’t say – if your partner doesn’t care about leading you towards good things in life instead leaving you stranded despite all their promises to be your guiding light, they’ve lost interest in the relationship and you.

  1. They treat you like an outsider

If you are way ahead into your relationship yet you still have not met their parents or gotten to know if they have any siblings and other such personal matters, just take it as a sign they are not that serious about the relationship or taking it to that level. You are with them yet they make you feel like an outsider. It is a fake concept you are following blindly and so, you need to stop and set your priorities straight. You make all the effort, answer every question, clear doubts, hold on to the good stuff while they do nothing – it shows you’re giving them your all but getting nothing. That doesn’t show good, solid interest in the relationship, does it?

  1. They make you feel worthless

Everyone deserves to be told at least at some point in the relationship that they are doing okay. If your partner makes you feel like you cannot say or do anything right, if they constantly pick fights with you and misunderstand all that you say… do you really think they would act in such a way if they actually cared about how your relationship is progressing or should progress? It is not you who is in the wrong here, and maybe what you do or say is perfect, actually.

Being with someone who only sees the darkness of life isn’t healthy for you. Even if you stop believing in the greater good, they ought to show you the optimistic side of things as that would make you feel better. If they don’t, you’ve already lost them. 

  1. Their apologies do not mean anything

‘Sorry’ is just a word, until someone comes along and gives it meaning. Your partner will commit the same things they would later be sorry for… or will they, really? Care and thought has to be put into an apology and it does not mean anything if not enough care is put into it.

It is good for nothing. Being with such a person can be very damaging for you, someone who does not care about what they do or say that you may dislike and then not having the decency to apologize for it in earnest either. *

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Benefits Of Drink a Glass of Water Every Day at 6 am!

There is no doubt that water is one of the healthiest beverages. It is a known fact that 2/3 of the human body is water, and its essence is vital for survival.

Simple habit, which includes drinking water, can help improve health on many levels, if you do it every day. All you have to do is to drink a glass of water right at the moment when you wake up.

Image via
One of the best things you can do when you get up: drink a minimum of 500 ml of water. Water speeds up your metabolism, hydrates your body, helps your body flush out toxins, gives your brain “fuel” and will even help you eat less.

In Japan, the practice is to drink two glasses of water immediately after waking. They say that this practice can cure a lot of diseases, including cancer, and to give you a lot of benefits. And it is possible that there are some truths.

As a nation, the population of Japan lives the longest, currently there live over 50,000 people who have more than 100 years.

Regardless of whether this practice will save your life as they believe, we will present you all the benefits you have when you drink a glass of water after awakening.

The skin will shine
Water flushes toxins from your blood, and as a result you can get radiant skin.

Restores cell
When you drink water immediately after waking up, then muscles regenerate new blood cells.

It balances the lymphatic system
In this way it will help you to balance your lymphatic system. Lymph cells daily fight infection and help you in your daily activities. Also, balances the liquid in your body.

weight loss
When you drink about 500 ml of cold water, you will boost your metabolism for 24 percent, which will help you in weight loss.

treating disease
It has been shown that this practice cure diseases such as emesis, pain in the throat, menstrual disorders, cancer, ocular diseases, diarrhea, urinary diseases, kidney diseases, meningitis, tuberculosis, arthritis, headaches, …

How much water should you really drink?

The amount varies. The Japanese consider that they should drink 4 glasses of water per 160 ml after awakening. To have an idea, it is a 1/3 of 2 liter bottle.

Hot or cold water?

We regret that we say this, but warm. Preferably, as the temperature of the body. We know that it is not always easy to drink lukewarm water when you get up so an optimum is room temperature.

Cold water should be as of your body temperature in order to spread your energy. Warm water allows the body to maintain homeostasis as the fastest flushes toxins and restores cells.

Can you eat immediately after that?

You should wait at least 15 minutes to eat. The optimal time in Japanese culture is 45 minutes.

10 Things That Will Take No Time In Ruining Your Relationship

Being in a relationship is an incredibly wonderful feeling. To know that you are loved and that you are capable of providing love and support should always be appreciated. However, falling in love and staying in love are the two different feelings. It is easy to fall for someone, but managing to stay with that person for a long time takes courage.

For one, couples should avoid any of these things below.

1. Cheating should never be an option.
Image via markmanson
Obviously, this is one thing you do not want to happen. If you feel that you are no longer attracted to someone, don’t just find another person to have an illicit relationship with. End things properly, without hurting your partner further.

2. You don’t spend enough quality time together.
Image via Lifehack
Sure, having a well-paying job and a decent house is necessary for life, but a relationship needs priceless moments that can only happen if the two of you are willing to set aside a couple of hours to simply be with each other.

3. Believing that having secrets are not lies is foolish.
Image via Quickie-Divorce
Sure, you are not rejecting anything that is said by your partner, but you are also not telling anything important. Don’t be angry when your partner accuses you of lying, because the excuse that having secrets is not lying is simply not true. You are hiding something from your lover, and that is bad.

4. Spending too much time can also lead to a breakup.
Image via Bustle
You need to find the perfect balance between being away and being together. Being separated for a long time breaks the intimacy, but being close all the time can make you too comfortable.

5. Do not be in a new relationship if you have not moved on from your ex.
image via Pixabay
This is an obvious reason, but so many people still commit this mistake. You cannot just get someone attached to you romantically if you still have not even moved on from your past relationship.

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Addicted to your smart phone? See how the light of a mobile phone affects the body and brain!

Before we go to bed, we like to check out all our the social media, send a few texts of our friends or loved ones, to be sure that we did not miss anything, and so on. How the smart phone affects your body?

Bright blue light emitted from the smart phone is essentially the same light that the sun radiates, and because of this the brain receives information that it is still a day. Thus, even when you think you’re deadly tired and you could not keep your eyes open, if you look on your smart phone you will be awake soon after.

Image via Luxurywayofliving

As a result of this light on the smart phone screen, it stops your brain from the release of melatonin, a hormone that is used to induce sleep, and prevents you fall asleep.

Experimental studies have revealed that the average person who uses a mobile device before going to sleep can actually have trouble falling asleep.

What is more interesting is that this effect is more prominent in teenagers. People who are in their adolescence are much more sensitive to the effects of light than adults. So, watching TV shows, playing video games can make awakening in the morning one of the hardest things for teenagers.

Science recommends that you turn off all devices with blue light for two hours before you go to the bed. Thus your body will start to release melatonin at appropriate times. You will notice, things will be very different after adaptation to this way of life, but you will have the best rest in bed.

Comic Nails The Nightly Routine Of Married Couples Everywhere

If you’re in a relationship with someone who routinely falls asleep on the couch, just know you are not alone.


All around the world, there are countless boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives who live with a chronic couch crasher — a person who claims he/she is “totally awake right now” and “not even tired” and then falls asleep within minutes.

Cartoonist Adrienne Hedger of Hedger Humor perfectly captures this all-too-common dynamic in comic form: