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She is the first in the world to give birth like This. The healthy 1-year-old made his parents the happiest in the world!

The 37-year-old Malin Stenberg lives in Gothenburg, Sweden and is in love with her friend Claes Nilsson. But there is a problem standing in the way of their ultimate happily-ever-after: the two would like to start a family. But because of a genetic defect called Rokitansky Syndrome, Malin was born without a vagina or a uterus. She underwent an operation when she was younger to receive an artificial vagina, but she has known since her childhood that she would never bear her own children. Yet Claes refuses to give up on his dream of having his own family!


image via Facebook/ClaesNilsson

Malin’s boyfriend manages to get his then 29-year-old girlfriend into a risky and never attempted research project at the University of Gothenburg. Just 9 women were chosen to take part. And Malin was one of them.


image via Facebook/MalinStenberg

The women share the same fate: they are unable have their own children due to their malformation. The point of the study is to implant a foreign uterus into the women’s bodies. The attempts in the past showed that transplants from dead donors are mostly rejected, should the donor’s family agree to the transplant.


image via Facebook/MalinStenberg

The 61-year-old Ewa Rosen is a friend of the family, a mother of 2 sons and already a grandmother of 4. She volunteered immediately to donate her uterus to Malin. And then a medical miracle happened: just 43 days after the operation, the now 35-year-old had a period for the first time in her life. And just 1 year after the operation, the two finally have their happy ending: the young woman is pregnant! 11 inseminated eggs were already waiting and their most desired wish came true on their first try. Finally!


image via Facebook/MalinStenberg

The unborn baby developed wonderfully and according to plan. After irregularities appeared in the 31st week, Malin underwent a Caesarean section.

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Enterprise Employee’s Act Of Kindness Goes Viral, Here‘s The Reason Why !

Coty Vincent, mother of two, had been the victim of a hit and run accident that left her in need of a rental car. When she made the trip to her local Enterprise dealership, with her 11-month-old twin boys in tow, she left with more than she bargained for.

While there, Enterprise employee John Goodlett, noticed Vincent had her hands full while filling out paperwork, so he offered to hold one of her boys. The young mom could only afford a single stroller for her little tykes, so Goodlett’s kind and helpful actions totally blew her away.

She took to Facebook to describe the encounter. Check out the goodness below.

Image via Coty Vincent Facebook

This is John and he works at Enterprise. He’s also a twin and his twin sister is his best friend. While he helped me with my rental due to a hit and run accident, he held one of my twin sons as I don’t have a double stroller. One of the most compassionate and caring people I’ve ever met. We need more people like John who go that extra step. Be a John. ‪#‎BeAJohn‬

Vincent continued, “It’s such a small act that’s touched so many people’s lives. What John did for me, and I’m sure what he’s done for many others, has just made a better day.”

Coty’s post quickly went viral, and after a few days of warming hearts, the post made it to up the corporate ladder to the bigwigs at Enterprise! A branch manager told Coty that the company was going to buy a double stroller for her twin boys, and were planning a surprise for John as well.

The Tulsa mom hopes the story inspires more people to be caring and considerate. “I think this world would be a much better place with small acts of kindness that go so far.”

We all should learn from this simple, but beautiful act of kindness. As Vincent said, #BeAJohn

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This Blind Man & His Armless Best Friend Have Planted Over 10,000 Trees in China

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then you hear a story about people overcoming all odds to help others and it completely changes your perspective of the world. The story of Jia Haixia and Jia Wenqi is certainly one of these.

Haixia and Wenqi are two 53-year-old men from China who have faced incredible challenges in their lives. Haixia was born with congenital cataracts that caused him to be blind in one eye. He then lost sight in his one good eye after a work accident in 2000. Wenqi tragically lost both of his arms in an accident when he was only three years old and has been living as a double amputee ever since.

Despite their physical setbacks, Haixia and Wenqi have remained utterly determined to live life to the fullest. These two best friends help one another navigate the world and when they’re together there is nothing that they cannot do.

Adding to their amazing story of friendship is the fact that the pair have managed to plant over 10,000 trees over the course of the past 10 years.

“I am his hands,” said Haixia. “He is my eyes. We are good partners.”


The pair met in 2001 when they were both struggling to find work because of their disabilities.


Neither wanted to “give up” on life, so they hatched a plan to plant trees to earn money.


By planting trees, they could give back to the community and ensure a better future for others. With this idea in mind, they set out to lease three acres of land from the government and got to work. 


Haixia and Wenqi rise every day at 7AM and set out to plant trees. When they reach the busy stream they need to cross to get to their site, Wenqi carries Haixia to the other side.


Money is tight, but the pair are determined to reforest their land. Unable to buy new saplings, they use cuttings from older trees to sprout new life.


“We stand on our own feet,” Wenqi tells Oddity Central. “The fruits of our labor taste sweeter. Even though we are gnawing on steam buns, we find peace in our hearts.”

A number of generous people have volunteered to help Haixia and Wenqi after hearing their story; one kind benefactor has offered to pay for a surgery that could help restore Haixia’s sight, and another has donated money towards their pensions to ensure they always have a good roof over their heads and enough food to eat.

Isn’t it amazing to see one kind action turn into countless others? Take a page from these two today and help keep the compassion going!

All image source: Mymodernmet

Her Dad DIes Before The Wedding, Watch When Groom Turns Around To Reveal What‘s On Front Of His Shirt

Shannon was always a bridesmaid, never a bride — until she met Don, the love of her life. Not only did Shannon and Don fall deeply in love, but she also found an instant family with Don’s two sons. When Shannon and Don got engaged, she couldn’t wait for her father to not only walk her down the aisle, but also to dance with her at the reception. After all, most brides consider the father-daughter dance one of the most memorable moments of her wedding day.

Before the wedding, Shannon’s dad was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. She was devastated.

Fast-forward to her wedding day, when Don revealed an incredible secret he’d been keeping from his bride. Don decided to create Shannon’s father-daughter dance in the most remarkable way. First, he surprised Shannon with an epic choreographed routine alongside her new stepsons, Tommy and Joey. But the real tearjerker came at 3:08, when Don changed the music to reveal a tribute to Shannon’s father that she never saw coming — complete with handwritten cards and a T-shirt with “Will You Dance With Me?” on the back, and a photo of Shannon’s father on the front.

Not a dry eye in the room.

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Man Was Driving His Car, He Saw This Cat Stuck In A Fence. Watch When He Took A Closer Look!

Driving on an Arizona freeway, Richard Christianson saw a cat that appeared to be stuck in the fence along the median. Richard immediately called 911; he was told to call the Arizona Humane Society.

Image Credit: MC Magic / Facebook

When he did, Richard was told that because the cat was on a dangerous roadway, he had to call the Department of Public Safety. Geez! Richard posted this story on Facebook, he said the cat hadn’t gotten any help for about 7 hours.

Image Credit: MC Magic / Facebook

FollowingIMGsd78fsRichard couldn’t stand it anymore and walked along the freeway to get the cat himself and take it to the humane society. Here is the video he took off the terrified ginger cat. This poor kitty is glad to see someone come to his aid!

The cat, an American Curl, had one paw stuck in the metal fencing. The blood and feces told Richard the kitty had been there for some time and had started to chew his paw and the metal to get free.

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Mom Calmly Accepts Ticket From Police Offers, She Goes Home And Later Gets Unexpected Knock On Door

A pair of deputies from Brevard County, Florida, are receiving praise online for assisting a family that seemed to be down on its luck.

image via FOX29

Two police officers in the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Sean Cronin and Field Training Officer Anthony Gonnelly, noticed that a mother and her family were going through hard times during a stop for a minor traffic violation in Cocoa, Florida, in late June, WOFL reported.

The officers then decided to help the struggling family out.

They contacted the county’s Community Services Team to ask for help in obtaining a car seat and purchasing household groceries for the family. Two staff members helped them find a car seat, and then went grocery shopping.

The items were delivered to the grateful family later that same day. Although the car seat was donated, the officers reportedly paid for the groceries out of their own pockets.

image via FOX29

“It is actions like this and many others that make me so proud of the men and women of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office who do everything they can to protect our community,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote in a July 2 post on the department’s Facebook page. Commenters responding to the post praised the officers’ thoughtful actions.

“Thank you to the deputies and the CSU team for doing the right thing and helping someone in need,” one poster wrote.

“Thanks to very these awesome deputies!!!” another commented. “Just shows what they are made of…Very compassionate and caring!!”

“So proud to be a resident of Brevard County where our sheriff’s dept is always doing great things for our community,” another posted.

The post had received more than 2,800 likes and 490 shares in six days.

Little girl looked normal when she met her boyfriend And Now her face is puffy. But he loves her just as much!

This love story will touch every person’s heart. 12-year-old Stella from New York has fallen in love with Lucas Lowe. They have a lot in common, including something really sad. The pair met each other in a hospital, where they were both fighting a deadly form of cancer called acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This type of cancer typically has symptoms of fever, joint paint, and fatigue at the start, but can quickly become more severe. Both Stella and Lucas have undergone intense chemotherapy in numerous hospitals.

image via Facebook / Stella

They’ve also undergone bone marrow transplants – an extremely painful procedure.

The two adolescents quickly bonded and found tremendous amounts of support in one another whenever they were feeling weighed down by the cancer. As they got older and puberty set in, their friendship transformed into a first love.

image via Facebook / Stella

Lucas reported proudly, “She had a crush on me for a long time and me too. That’s why we’re now boyfriend and girlfriend.” The “dates” that these two go on look a little different than other kids their age. They like to have lunch together or spend the afternoon playing board games.

image via Facebook / Stella

And they’ve already had their first kiss: “But only on the cheek. We’re not allowed to kiss without our masks on, but she does it anyways,” said Lucas. Stella is overjoyed and feels like a princess when the two are together. “Yeah, I have all these setbacks and awful things, but I’d have never gotten through it all if I hadn’t met Lucas.”

The illness hasn’t just made these two inseparable, it’s also made them a lot more mature than most kids their age. Stella’s not doing well and her doctors are trying as hard as they can to find out why that is.

Lucas decided to make a touching video to support his girlfriend and give her the strength to carry on. He made a small sign that said, “You are my light and laugh,” and on the other side, “When your feeling sad, so am I.” Check out the video here:

Dear Husband: I’m Not the Person You Married. – An Open Letter That Took The Web

Laura Birks is a freelance writer based in New Jersey. The devoted mom spends her days writing and chasing around two twin, 4-year-old boys. But last month, the super mom took to the web with an eye opening letter, addressed to her husband.

Laura wrote this letter because she felt the need to explain why she wasn’t the person he married. All the long nights staying up with the kids, endless household chores and laundry lists of other motherly responsibilities, had changed the person she was, and their relationships forever.

Check out her thoughts in the post below, we all can learn from her wisdom.

Dear Husband,

I am sorry.

I’m sorry that you’ve been neglected for the last four-and-a-half years. I’m sorry that your needs are secondary. I assure you, you are still one of my top priorities—you just aren’t on the top of the list anymore.

I know that you have needs, wants, dreams and desires. When I tell you that I want to be the one you lean on, I mean it. I know you are tired of my excuses of being tired, having a headache or am already snoring when you snuggle up next to me. Trust me, I wish I had the energy I had five years ago. Hell, I wish I had the energy I had two weeks ago when I washed, folded and actually put away all 10 loads of laundry. Of course, you didn’t see that because I was letting you get some much needed sleep.

I know that some days it feels like we have a business partnership. And you’re right. Some days—even weeks—feel that way. Know that I want better for our marriage, for us. Because together, we are damn good.

The problem is, my life, my brain and my body are so wrapped up in being a mother to those little boys who look exactly like you. Even after they’re sound asleep and we’re sitting on the couch watching a movie, my brain is still in mother mode.

I’m thinking about tomorrow; I’m thinking about 10 years from now. I’m wondering if you have work clothes for tomorrow. I’m worried about money, milestones and milk. Do we have enough milk? I can’t turn off being a mom. It is who I am now. And it is physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting.

I don’t want you to think you aren’t as important as you once were. I couldn’t live this life without you and I wouldn’t want to, either. But the simple fact is, you’re an adult and you can do things for yourself. You can vote, so you can make your own lunch. You are legally able to drive a car, so you can figure out how to make a doctor’s appointment.

When you come home from work, you, unfortunately, are getting the worst version of me. I gave our children the best. A little secret: Sometimes, some days, there just isn’t a best version of me. There just isn’t.

I can’t worry about your health, the boys’ health, the pet’s health and my health. Who do you think gets ignored? It’s not you. It’s not our children or our pets. When I say I don’t feel well, when I say I haven’t been sleeping, it’s because I haven’t been taking care of me.

Yes, you tell me to go to the doctor, to eat better, to drink more water, but I am my very last priority. I know I need to change that and I’m not complaining. I’m explaining that when something has to give, because no one person can do it all, I am the thing that gives.

I’m worried about your sleep apnea, your allergies, your knee spasms. I am worried about the rash Alex has, and the snotty nose that Ben suddenly started with. I am concerned about our dog’s ears and what it’s going to cost to take her to the vet.

While I’m thinking about it, I’m worried that the fish have too much algae in their tank and the water needs to be changed. I’ll just add that to the never-ending list of things I will feel guilty about when I am trying to sleep tonight. None of this your fault. I am not blaming you, or wishing you were any different.

You do extraordinary things for our family. You work harder than any person I know. You care more about everyone, including me, than any other human I have ever met. I love you a little more each time I see you help someone knowing you will never get anything in return. You are the kindest, most loving father to our children. There is a reason they cry when you leave for work. Yes, it stings a little, but knowing that you are their role model in life fills me with love and pride.

I am not the person you married 11 years ago. I have changed and evolved into a wife, mother, friend and keeper of all schedules. I am a party planner and a personal shopper. I am a chef specializing in chicken nuggets and pasta. I am a housekeeper that can’t keep a house. I am the cheerleader and the librarian. I am the night and the day nurse.

I wouldn’t change any of it. I don’t want any other life. I love you and I love the life that we created. But I am not the spontaneous, beer drinking, sexy bad girl you met way back when. I am a mother. And it is all of me.

Love Always,

Your Wife

Though Laura has changed significantly over the last four years, she has no regrets. Her heartfelt apology is inspiration to face every day head on, and understand that the person you’re becoming, is better than the one you were yesterday.

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Man Enters Police Station And Everyone Stops When They See What He Is Holding…

A black man in Virginia shocked police officers when he walked in to the station with something in his hands.
Image via Facebook

Tone Jefe, a father of two boys, walked into the Prince William County Police Department with his sons and two boxes of doughnuts, later taking to Facebook to explain why he felt the need to reach out.

“Today I wanted to do something different me and my boys went to drop the men and women officers at the Prince William County Police Department some donuts off. I chose to be part of the solution not part of the problem,” he wrote in a post that was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

Image via lovewhatreallymatters

“My kids love police officers they get excited to talk to them, when I walked into that station the smiles that were on those 3 women faces meant a lot and told me a lot, like they don’t look at all black men as bad guys. To all my friends and family all this week do something different instead of hate show love to the officers that risk their lives for us daily. I love y’all and pray you all stay safe.”

Jefe’s post quickly went viral, garnering over 52,000 likes in two days.

“I want to thank everyone for sharing this. It starts at home first, I teach my boys to love and not hate. I hate what’s going on in the world do that mean I hate all police no. My sons love police officers so why would I hate something they love. My sons are the real MVPs it was my oldest son idea and as a father I will never turn away my sons ideas especially if it changes lives,” Jefe wrote in a follow-up comment.

“Thank you for the support and love. To all the negative comments do your part and I’ll do mine. I will be doing more in the next few days. Let’s be the solution together.”

The Prince William County Police Department has made it a habit of highlighting kind gestures made towards the department by local residents. It recently took to its Facebook page to share another act of kindness in which supportive citizens brought in doughnuts.

“TWO THUMBS UP: What a day! Citizens dropped by the station and the animal control bureau with donuts this morning. You can never have enough donuts. Later on, Miss Sophia Branca and her parents visited the station with a multitude of gift bags. Sophia has a brother who is an EMT in Harrisonburg and decided she would like to thank the officers in her community,” the department wrote in the post.

“The bags are filled with a variety of goodies including snacks, chapstick and Kleenex. Very thoughtful of everyone! Thanks so much for your support.”

Immigrant Man Saves Miami Police Officer From Firefight

A Colombian immigrant has been heralded a hero after he saved a Miami police officer from a shootout.

William Ramirez was on his way to work when he saw Officer Rosny Obas — a rookie on the job for nine months — taking cover from a man firing at him with an assault rifle.

Photo credit: Miami Herald, WPLG

Ramirez took swift action, driving his minivan between the shooter and Obas before opening his side door for the officer to get in and driving him to safety.

“The police work to protect us,” Ramirez told reporters. “We have to help them. How could I not?”

The trouble started when taxi driver Frantzy Armand became hostile while on the job, reports the Miami Herald.

He reportedly got into an accident with another taxi that day, and went back to the other driver’s company where he vandalized several cars.

Obas was taking a report from the company the next morning when one of the workers saw Armand driving by, reports the Miami Herald.

The officer then attempted to pull Armand over. But when Armand got out of his car, he fired at Obas with an assault rife through a duffel bag.

A firefight ensued between the two men, with Obas trying to hold his own despite being outgunned.

The battle turned in his favor, though, when Ramirez, a father of two, noticed the situation unfolding from a distance and drove his minivan between the two men, shielding Obas from gunfire.

Obas then got in the van and the two sped off.

They stopped eight blocks away where Ramirez gave Obas a drink from his water jug.

The next morning, Ramirez received a phone call from Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, who said that he wished to give him a plaque at the next commission meeting in honor of his heroic efforts.

Things did not end as well for Armand. After Ramirez took Obas to safety, he took the officer’s patrol car and attempted to flee the scene. He was soon stuck in traffic and began to fire his gun, hitting a nearby driver.

The situation came to an end when Armand drove to a neighborhood where an off-duty police officer was present. The officer demanded that Armand lower his weapon, and when he refused, the officer opened fire, hitting Armand.

Armand was taken to the hospital.

Although the initial firefight between Armand and Obas ended with an injured bystander, the person is expected to make a full recovery. The driver hit when Armand opened fire in traffic is also expected to recover.

Armand was charged with two counts of attempted murder and discharging a firearm in public. He was denied bail.

Ramirez later met with Obas’ police union attorney who thanked him for his actions.

“He was obviously very in tune and perceptive,” the attorney said. “You have an officer with a handgun against a much more high-powered weapon. He was at a severe disadvantage. He was in a bad way.”

Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes is grateful a good Samaritan was there to help one of his own.

“I’ve spoken to him and he’s very proud of what he did, and we’re very proud and thankful,” the police chief said, reports WPLG. “Gratitude goes out to someone who helps an officer. He said it best: God put him there to save the officer’s life and that’s what he did.”

Ramirez is looking forward to being honored at the city commission meeting and is grateful for the country that he now calls home.

“I love this country,” Ramirez said.