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During the attack in Nice, mother lost her 8 month old baby. Few hours later, she received this message on Facebook.

Once again, a terrorist attack has shaken the world. During yesterday’s Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France, a 31-year-old man drove a truck at high speed into a large crowd, killing at least 84 people. In the midst of the ensuing panic, a mother lost her 8-month-old baby Nathan in his stroller among the throngs of people. Full of desperation, a family member posted this photo on Facebook and made a call for help:


Image via Facebook/Tiava Manner

WE JUST LOST THIS 8-MONTH-OLD BABY IN A BLUE STROLLER! FRIENDS FROM NICE, IF YOU HAVE SEEN OR TAKEN HIM IN, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!” she wrote under the photo of the little baby. Over 22,000 people shared the call for help. The following hours were probably the worst in Nathan’s mother’s life. But then she received a message from a mother, who found the baby and brought him to safety! The joyous Facebook status update:

“FOUND!!! A big thanks to Facebook and all those who helped us and sent words of support and encouragement. Unfortunately I cannot answer all your messages personally.”

Here is the original posted on Facebook

This story offers a little bit of hope after this painful tragedy. Sadly not everyone had the same good fortune as Nathan’s family. Among the dead and injured, many are children who came to see the fireworks display at the seaside promenade with their parents. This video from an eyewitness shows how the truck drives at full speed into the crowd in order to kill as many people as possible:

It appears the world hardly has a moment to process all these tragedies before another takes place. Our thoughts are with all victims and their families in France.

Suspicious husband asks the obstetrician if the child is really his own. Doctor’s reply is hilarious!

A father is annoying the doctor because his wife allegedly cheated on him. But the answer is a riot!


My dad had black hair and my mom had very dark brown .When I was born every one said my hair was the color of a brand new copper penny. Since no one else in my family had red hair people would ask me where I got my red hair. I would tell them from the man at the drug store.People would laugh and tease my mom.The man at the drug store had red hair and he was the only person I knew who had red hair so it made perfectly good sense to me.Lol.


Cop drives by an amputee in the rain. But When he pulls over, a stranger watches what unfolds.

A police officer noticed an amputee in a wheelchair, calmly sitting at the corner while the rain poured down. What he did next got the attention of a passerby who shared a photo of the act on Facebook.


 via Love What Matters

“Detective Barchanowicz saw a double amputee sitting in the pouring rain. He pulled over, retrieved his umbrella and covered the man as he waited for his bus. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that mean the most.”

The simple things, indeed! One kind act may be easy to do but means the world to someone else!

The family of this pregnant woman spent almost four months next to her dead body until a miracle happened!

Sandra Pedro, a Portuguese woman, had been living with her son in the neighborhood of Bragadas, Portugal, for eight years. When she realized she was pregnant for the second time, Sandra went to the doctor.


Youtube Ana Cordova

Because of her medical history, doctors warned her of the enormous risks she faced for the pregnancy. Sandra had previously battled pneumonia, suffered from heart problems, and had even been in a coma. She also had undergone kidney surgery because of a tumor. Still, the 37-year-old wanted to be a mother again and decided to take the risk.

In February, a brain haemorrhage left her on the brink of death in the intensive care unit. At that time, Sandra knew the baby’s gender (boy), but she wouldn’t be able to continue watching her belly grow.


Youtube Ana Cordova

On February 20th Sandra was declared dead, but what happened next had never before been seen in Portugal, and remains very rare throughout the world. At the time of her death, the doctors ran one last echocardiogram and found out that the baby’s vital signs were good. His heart was strong and beating normally. The doctors were speechless.

Surprised by what they saw, the medical team decided to send the test results to the Hospital Ethics Committee of St. Joseph, in Lisbon. The committee, along with Sandra’s family and the family of Michael Angelo Faria (the baby’s father) agreed to continue the pregnancy to ensure the viability of the fetus.


Facebook Sandra Pedro

The whole family was part of the process from the beginning, watching as a lifeless woman’s body was made to function by machines. It was a a distressing time for everyone, but the family had to remain strong. Even though Sandra had no more brain function and was declared clinically dead, there was still life growing inside of her.

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She can’t take her mother-in-law any longer. When she dies nobody can believe what she says about her.

Tina Plantamura, an author who lives with her family on the central NJ Shore, felt very resentful and angry about her mother-in-law’s behaviour towards her children. She struggled to respect and appreciate her for spoiling her three boys ridiculously.  That was, up until her mother-in-law was no longer there.


Facebook | Tina Plantamura

Tina writes this touching letter to her:

“To my mother-in-law: I was wrong
You always stole my thunder. You gave them everything they wanted. You never said no when they asked for anything.
A second helping of dessert. Candy before dinner. A few more minutes in the bath. Money for the ice cream truck.
How I struggled to show you respect and appreciation while trying to make sure you didn’t spoil my children. I thought you would turn them into “selfish brats” by giving them everything they wanted. I thought they might never learn to wait, to take turns, to share, because you granted their wishes as soon as they opened their mouths and pointed.
You held each one of my babies long after they fell asleep. Didn’t you understand that I needed them to learn to fall asleep on their own?
You ran to them as soon as they made the tiniest sound. How would they ever learn to self-soothe?
I resented you for buying the best and most expensive gifts on their birthdays and on Christmas. How could I possibly compete with you? How do you think it feels to know that the very best presents, the ones they’ll be the most excited and aglow about, are not from their parents?
And how they loved afternoons spent with you. You made their favorite things for dinner — three different meals for three different boys. And you always had a little surprise. A present, candy or a special treat. I didn’t want them to associate you with gifts and sweets. I thought they should love you for you. I tried to tell you this, but you wouldn’t listen. You continued to indulge them in every way possible.
I spent a lot of time wondering why you did all these things and how I could get you to ease up. I know grandmothers are supposed to “spoil the kids,” then send them home, but you were… ridiculous.
Until you were gone.
I had to hold my boys and tell them that their grandma died. It didn’t seem possible — you were supposed to be there for all the other special moments: proms, graduations, weddings. But they lost their grandma too soon and too suddenly. They were not ready to say goodbye to you.


Facebook | Tina Plantamura

During those years when I wished you’d stop spoiling them, I never thought about how much you loved them. So much that you showed it in every way possible. Your cooking. The gifts. The candy and sweets. Your presence. The way you could recount every detail of a special moment, whether it was a perfect catch in the outfield or a sweet and slightly off-key note sung at a school concert. Your grandmotherly love for them knew no bounds. Your heart poured love from every place possible — your kitchen, your pocketbook, your words and your tireless arms.
It’s pointless to dwell on regrets, but I often think about how I had it all wrong. I was so wrong in how I perceived your generosity. My kids, now in their teens, miss you dearly. And they don’t miss your gifts or your money. They miss you. They miss running to greet you at the door and hugging you before you could step in. They miss looking up at the bleachers and seeing you, one of their biggest fans, smiling and enthralled to catch their eye. They miss talking to you and hearing your words of wisdom, encouragement and love.
If I could speak to you one more time, I would tell you that every time a precious moment steals my heart, every time I watch them arrive at a new milestone, and every time they amaze me with their perseverance, talents or triumphs, I think of you. And I wish that they could have you back.
Come back and love them one last time, like no one else in the world but a grandmother could. Bring your sweets and surprises. Reward them with gifts for the smallest accomplishments. Painstakingly prepare their favorite meals. Take them anywhere they want to go. All and only because you love them.
Oh, how I wish with my whole heart that you could come back.
Sit for endless hours in the bleachers with me. Come back and watch his determined stance, his all-out effort, and his anxious rituals. We could study my boy’s face, and both know without a doubt if he’s confident, intimidated, thirsty or bored.
Come back and listen to the sound of his saxophone, and watch his face with me. We both know which songs are his favorite just by studying his eyes while he plays. Watch him with me as he shifts in his seat, makes eye contact with friends and sighs with relief after the end of each song.

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Man sees who sits next to him on the plane, he feels repulsed. After 2 hours he hates himself for it.

A man boards an airplane and takes his seat next to the window. It’s a normal flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong. But then a woman sits next to him and his worst nightmare suddenly becomes reality.


Image via flickr

“Hi! How are you?” The woman smiled as she took the seat beside me. She had to lower herself slowly, squeezing her large behind into the seat, filling all available space.

Positioning herself comfortably, she plopped her enormous arm on our shared armrest. Her immensity saturated the space around us, shrinking me and my seat into insignificance.

I cringed and reclined towards the window.

She leaned towards me and repeated her greeting in an upbeat, friendly voice. Her face towered above my head, forcing me to turn to look at her. “Hi,” I replied with obvious loathing.

I turned away to stare out the cabin window, sulking silently about the long hours of discomfort I was going to experience with this monster beside me.

She nudged me with her meaty arm. “My name is Laura. I’m from Britain. How about you? Japan?”

“Malaysia,” I barked.

“I’m so sorry! Will you accept my heartfelt apology? Come, shake my hand. If we’re going to spend six hours side-by-side on this flight, we’d better be friends, don’t you think?” A palm waved in front of my face. I shook her hand reluctantly, still silent.

Laura started a conversation with me, taking no notice of my unfriendly reactions. She talked excitedly about herself and her trip to Hong Kong to see her friends. She rattled off a list of things she was going to buy for her students at the boarding school where she was teaching.

I gave her one-word answers to her questions about me. Unperturbed by my coldness, she nodded as she made appreciative comments to my answers. Her voice was warm and caring. She was considerate and obliging when we were served drinks and meals, making sure that I had room to maneuver in my seat. “I don’t want to clobber you with my elephant size!” she said with utmost sincerity.

To my surprise, her face which repulsed me hours before, now opened into extraordinary smiles, lively and calm at the same time. I couldn’t help but let down my guard slowly.

Laura was an interesting conversationalist. She was well read in many subjects from philosophy to science. She turned a seemingly unimportant subject into something to explore and understand. Her comments were humorous and inspirational. When our topic turned to cultures, I was pleasantly surprised by her intelligent comments and well-thought-out analysis.

During our conversation, Laura managed to make every cabin crew who served us walk away laughing at her jokes.

When a flight attendant was clearing our plates, Laura cracked several jokes about her size. The flight attendant roared with laughter as she grabbed Laura’s hand, “You really make my day!”

For the next few minutes, Laura listened attentively and gave pointers to the flight attendant’s weight problem. The grateful attendant said before she rushed off, “I’ve got to work. I’ll come back later and talk to you about it.”

I asked Laura, “‘Have you ever thought about losing some weight?”

“No. I’ve worked hard to get this way. Why would I want to give it up?”

“You aren’t worried about cardiovascular diseases that come with being overweight?”

“Not at all. You only get the diseases if you’re worried about your weight all the time. You see advertisements from slimming centres that say, `Liberate yourself from your extra baggage so that you are free to be yourself.’ It’s rubbish! You’re liberated only if you’re comfortable about who you are, and what you look like any time of the day and anytime of the year! Why would I want to waste my time on slimming regimes when I have so many other important things to do and so many people to be friends with? I eat healthily and walk regularly; I’m this size because I am born to be big! There is more to life than worrying about weight all day long.”

She sipped at her wine. “Besides, God gives me so much happiness that I need a bigger body to hold all of it! Why would I lose weight to lose my happiness?” Taken aback by her reasoning, I chuckled.

Laura continued. “Folks often see me as a fat lady with big bosoms, big thighs and a big bottom that no man would even bother to cast a glance at. They see me as a slob. They think I’m lazy and have no willpower. They’re wrong.” She held up her glass to a passing flight attendant. “More of this magnificent wine, please.” She smiled sweetly at the attendant. “Great service from your crew. May God bless all of you.”

She turned to me, “I’m actually a slim person inside. I’m so full of energy that people won’t be able to keep up with me. This extra flesh is here to slow me down, otherwise I’ll be running everywhere chasing after men!”

“Do men chase after you?” I asked jokingly.

“Of course they do. I’m happily married but men still keep proposing to me.

“Most of them have relationship problems and they need someone to confide in. For some reason, they like to talk to me. I think I should have been a counsellor instead of a school teacher!”

Laura paused before she said thoughtfully, “You know, the relationship between men and women is so complicated. Women worship men and call them, ‘Honey’ until they find out they have been lied to, and then they turn into bitter gourds! Men love women so much that they see them as their soul mates until they look at their credit card bills, and then women become devils with tridents!”

Laura’s enthralling conversation had turned the flight into something thoroughly enjoyable. I was also fascinated by the way people were drawn to her. By the end of the flight, almost half the cabin crew was standing near the aisle by us, laughing and joking with Laura. The passengers around us joined in the merry-making too. Laura was the centre of attention, filling the cabin with delightful warmth.

When we waved goodbye to each other at the arrival lounge at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport, I watched her walking towards a big group of adoring adults and kids. Cheers sounded as the group hugged and kissed Laura. She turned around and winked at me.

I was stunned, as the realisation set in: Laura was the most beautiful woman I had ever met in my life.”


Image via flickr

What a story! She simply couldn’t describe life more beautifully. And the message behind it is so important for everyone to read and understand. Share this happy-go-lucky story with everyone that you know!

His wife storms out of the house angrily and leaves him alone with their son. 2 days later, she gets this letter.

A father gets back home after an exhausting day of work. He just wants to watch the football match without having to put up with children screaming or doing household chores. But on this day, his wife can’t take it any longer and leaves him. His world falls apart when he is left alone with his children. These are his words:

“My dear,

Two days ago we had a big fight. I got home tired from work. It was 8pm and all I wanted to do was sit and watch the match.

When I saw you, you were exhausted and in a bad mood. The children were fighting and the baby was crying while you were trying to put him to sleep.

I just turned up the TV volume.

‘It wouldn’t kill you to help out a bit and get more involved in your children’s upbringing,’ you told me upset while you turned down the TV volume.

I replied angrily: ‘I have spent the whole day working so you can stay at home playing with the doll’s house.’

The argument went on and on. You cried because you were angry and tired. I said cruel things to you. You shouted, saying you couldn’t take it any longer. You stormed out of the house crying and left me alone with the children.

I had to feed the children dinner and get them ready for bed. The next day you still hadn’t come back and I had to ask my boss for the day off to stay and look after the kids.

I experienced the tantrums and cries.

I experienced having to run around all day not having a moment free to even take a bath.

I experienced having to heat the milk, get a child dressed and clean the kitchen, all at the same time.

I experienced being locked up the whole day without speaking to anyone over 10 years old.

I experienced not being able to sit nicely at a table to enjoy a relaxed meal in my own time, for the sake of having to run after a child.

I experienced being so mentally and physically exhausted that all I wanted to do was sleep straight through for 20 hours solid, but had to wake up three hours after falling asleep because the baby was crying.

I lived two days and two nights in your shoes and I can tell you, I get it.

I get your tiredness.

I get that being a mom is a constant sacrifice.

I get that it is more exhausting than being among company big shots for 10 hours and making financial decisions.

I get the frustration of giving up your profession and economic freedom so you can be there for your children.

I get the uncertainty that your economic security doesn’t depend on you any longer, but on your partner.

I get the sacrifices you make by not going out with your friends, doing exercise or sleeping through the night.

I get how difficult it can be, being locked up and having to look after children while feeling you are missing out on what’s going on outside.

I also get that you become upset when my mom criticizes your way of bringing up our children, because nobody knows what is best for the children like their own mother.

I get that being a mom means carrying the biggest load of society. The one that nobody appreciates, values or remunerates.

I write you this letter not only to let you know that I miss you, but also because I don’t want another day to go by without my telling you:

‘You are very brave, are doing it great and I admire you.'”

This emotional letter has been shared on Facebook more than 110,000 times. To all those moms who look after us and do so much for us although we sometimes take it for granted, this letter is for you. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts!

This Baby Was Rejected By His Herd, But Watch Who Shows Up Behind The Sand Pit.

This is a story of an elephant, a sick one, who had no interest in living life after being abandoned by his herd. Rescued by Karen Trendler and the staff at the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa, the elephant was critically ill and needed medical attention. The baby elephant had a large umbilical abscess and septicemia.

Image Credit: Earth Touch / YouTube

Not only that, when the workers were working on the elephant, they realized that he was intolerant to milk. The volunteers knew that they had to give their best to keep this baby healthy. Ellie started feeling better, but he lacked a friend and the workers knew that in order to get Ellie back on his legs, he needed a friend who would help him heal. This is when Duma came to his rescue!

Take a look at this precious video

it was because of Duma that Ellie started living again 🙂 A friend in need is a friend indeed, isn’t it? Duma proved it! Share away, people!

Grieving Mom Hears Donor Son’s Heartbeat After His Death

In 2013, Heather suffered a nightmare no parent should have to endure. Her son, Lucas, was only seven months old when he died under the supervision of a babysitter. Not wanting another mom to have to go through the pain of losing a child if she could help it, Heather made a quick and selfless decision; she donated Lucas’ organs to three other people in need.

One of those recipients whose life was saved by Lucas was a four-year-old girl named Jordan who spent years living inside the hospital with a congenital heart defect. In the emotionally charged meeting below, Heather meets Jordan and her family. Using a stethoscope against Jordan’s chest, Heather is able to hear Lucas’ heart beating again. Jordan also gifted Clark a Build-a-Bear containing a recording of Lukas’ heart.

According to Donate Life, more than 8,500 deceased donors made possible approximately 24,000 organ transplants in 2014. And sadly, an average of 21 people die each day because the organs they need are not donated in time.

This emotionally charged moment is simply unforgettable. Watch the story behind these two families, and please SHARE this incredible moment with your friends on Facebook.

Teacher Stands Behind 4th Grader Bullied For Wearing Pink T-Shirt

William Gierke, a fourth-grader at Sheboygan Falls Elementary School in Wisconsin, went to school wearing a special tee-shirt. It was bright pink, with the words “Tough Guys Wear Pink” printed in bold letters on the front. William wore the pink shirt as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign. But instead of coming home from school feeling proud about his inspiring message, he came home in tears.

This kindhearted little boy was bullied and called a “sissy” by his classmates, just because he wore the color pink. His mom, Tomi, was heartbroken when William admitted he was too afraid to return to school; he never had had an issue with wanting to go to school before.

But later that week, William texted Tomi a photo while he was at school. The photo showed William and his teacher, Mr. Winter, posing for the camera — and when she took a closer look at Mr. Winter, she couldn’t believe her eyes…

Watch the video below to find out why this simple photo went viral and inspired strangers all over the country. And please SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!