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The Creepy , Beautiful Land Of Oz Theme Park

The Wizard of Oz is an American classic. But with its surreal setting, strange characters, and a villain that’s given countless children nightmares for generations, there is so much underlying creepiness to it!

Nothing exemplifies this dichotomy better than the Land of Oz theme Beech Mountain, North Carolina. First opened in 1970, they probably thought that it would be a charming family attraction. But when it closed in 1980, the abandoned park became something else entirely…

Even 70 years after the release of the original novel and 31 years after the groundbreaking film, the Land of Oz was an initial success, drawing in 20,000 attendees on its first day.
Image via Johhny Joo Photography
Unfortunately, sales dipped dramatically in the following years, and in 1980, the park went out of business.
Image via Johhny Joo Photography
The developers hoped to make the park a year-long attraction, even though it was built on an old ski resort. The chairlift was used to simulate a “hot air balloon ride.”
Image via Johhny Joo Photography
Now, the park is in ruins. The props and sets that did not suffer the effects of natural elements were looted and vandalized.
Image via Johhny Joo Photography

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He Places His Shoes In Shower Caps – It Seemed Odd, Until I Learned His Brilliant Reason

Summertime is here which means lots of vacations and traveling! Save yourself time, money, and hassle by utilizing these tips that only the savviest of travelers know.

Staying Hydrated
Everything at the airport is expensive! Next time you fly, bring an empty reusable water bottle in your suitcase and fill it up at a drinking fountain once you are past security.

Charge Up The Batteries
Forget to pack your cell phone charger? Ask the front desk at your hotel is you can borrow one during your trip. It’s one of the most left behind items in rooms, the hotel should have plenty to spare!
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Keep Your Shoes In Shower Caps
Although you may prefer to walk barefoot in the sand, you should probably pack at least ONE pair of extra shoes when going on vacation. Place your shoes in shower caps to keep them from getting the other items in your suitcase dirty. Your floral shirt will thank you for it.
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Doing Away With Phone Damage
To keep your phone dry and safe when visiting theme parks or the lake, simply pop your phone into a small plastic bag!
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Keeping The Car Clean
For a mess-free road trip, bring shower caddies along to hold fast food. It will make it much easier for parents and kids to enjoy the trip.
Image via Pinterest/Rachael Kirkland

Where’s My Car?
Remembering where you parked in a new town or city can take a lot of time to figure out. Taking a picture of the parking space or nearby landmark is a great way to jolt your memory!

I will forget every time. 😂😒 #parkinggarage #wheresmycar #atlanta #shopping #fun

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Watch this video for more tips on how to pack like a pro!

Traveling Done Right
You never know what hiccups you may face on this summer’s adventures, but these tips will help to ensure you enjoy your trip. Traveling may seem like a burden but the memories you make will last a lifetime!

Bye Bye Monte Carlo! Las Vegas Casino Resort Being Replaced!

On Friday, MGM Resorts International announced the biggest of several recent changes to the Las Vegas Strip. This comes less than two months after MGM’s opening of The Park, a new urban oasis in the heart of Las Vegas Boulevard. Modeled on Nevada’s desert landscape and full of sculptures and water features, The Park is lined with an appealing array of indoor and outdoor bars and eateries, and serves as a pedestrian pathway to the new $375 million T-Mobile Arena, the biggest concert and event venue on the Strip. The Park is located between New York-New York and the casino resort formerly known as the Monte Carlo.

The Monte Carlo casino resort, a longtime fixture on the central Las Vegas Strip, will soon be no more. Photo: MGM Resorts
While the Monte Carlo offered a good value price point, great location, and had some interesting features, most notably its little known but excellent boutique resort within the resort, Hotel 32 and it early embrace of the city’s current outdoor dining and attraction trend with the Monte Carlo Plaza, it never had a cohesive theme or appeal the way most other big casino resorts do. That’s all about to change.
The $450 million transformation begins this fall and will result in an essentially new 2,700-room luxury resort, Park MGM. In addition to the new namesake upscale hotel, it will include a 292-room spin-off of the Sydell Group’s popular New York City lifestyle hotel, the NoMad. Two years ago MGM did a similar move in bringing Miami’s hip Delano to its Mandalay Bay Resort
Today it is the norm for almost every big casino resort in town (Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, Aria, Mirage, Wynn, Mandalay Bay) to house at least one smaller, cooler, and typically more luxurious hotel within a hotel. For savvy and luxury-seeking travelers, these are almost always the best way to go when visiting.  Continue reading the full story on the Following Page

This Bridge Is So Scary, People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Drive Across It On Their Own.

As long as you’re always being careful, driving is generally a pretty dull, everyday thing. You go to work, you come home.

But all the way over in Japan, they do things a little differently, and when you see what some commuters have to go through every day, your palms will start to sweat.

The Eshima Ohashi bridge is one mile long and connects the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato in Japan. At first glance, it really looks like any other bridge.
Photo via Youtube

But then it turns into what only can be described as a roller coaster with real cars on it. This is an actual road that actual people have to drive on daily.
Photo via Getty Images

Can you imagine driving on this?!
Photo via Getty Images

The slope is supposedly safe to all drivers, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t terrifying. The bridge is designed like this because it needs to be tall enough to let large ships underneath.
Photo via Getty Images

I don’t think I’d have the guts to drive on it myself! How about you?

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