Child Is Caught Sleeping In A Car With His Pregnant Mom…Watch What The Cop Does!

Ordinary people in an unfortunate situation – and a cop! Robert Wood, his two young sons, and pregnant wife, Heather, had been living in Alaska but were returning to Eugene. The family had driven down from Alaska and arrived in Eugene but didn’t have a place to live yet. They decided to save some money and sleep in the car at a local park; it was a frigid night.

Image Credit: Ty Steele / YouTube

Police officer Lt. David Natt of Eugene saw the car parked in the parking lot and went to investigate. Lt. Natt knocked on the driver’s side window and was confronted with the family. Robert’s 4-year old was sleeping on his chest, and Heather was in the passenger seat with their 2-year old snuggled against her.

Take a look at this video…

Not all police officers are like the ‘bad’ ones we see on the nightly news. Lt. Natt offered the Wood family an incredible gift too! Share away, people!

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Ty Steele