Corn starch is more than a thickener! Here Are 15 ways to use this all-rounder

6.) Stain remover:

Do you have any oil stains on your carpet, for example? Put a little corn starch on it and let it sit for 20 minutes. Afterwards, vacuum it up.
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7.) Stain on leather:

Same goes for leather: If you have an oil stain, let some corn starch sit on it overnight. Dab it the next morning with a moist kitchen towel and the spot will be gone!
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8.) Soft as a baby’s bottom:

A touch of corn starch in your bathwater is healing even for the most sensitive skin.
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9.) Oily hair:

If your hair is super greasy and you don’t have time to shower? Corn starch is a great dry shampoo. Sprinkle it on your scalp and massage it into your hair. Make sure to brush your hair afterwards. This also works on pets!
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10.) Clean windows:

If you throw a teaspoon of corn starch into your window washing bucket, your windows will turn out streak-free. The starch works as a very gentle scrubbing cleanser.
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