Corn starch is more than a thickener! Here Are 15 ways to use this all-rounder

11.) Sauce thickener:

The most well-known use: Corn starch is great for thickening things in the kitchen.
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12.) Clean your silver:

A thin mix of corn starch and water is a great natural polish for silver.
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13.) Musty books:

Old books are great, but musty old books aren’t. Sprinkle a little starch on them and let it settle in. A little while later you can shake or brush it out and the smell should be a lot better.
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14.) Laundry starch

Mix one tablespoon of corn starch with water over heat. Then add a teaspoon of vinegar and a few drops of essential oil if you’d like. The mix makes a great spray starch.
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15.) Bad smells:

Smelly shoes have met their match. Just sprinkle some corn starch into your shoes and empty them the next morning. The smell will be soaked up.
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It’s always good to learn a few new tricks. This is a good alternative to some of those harsher chemical cleaners. Share these tips with your all-natural friends.

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