Deliciously Different Bundt Pan Recipes

Different Kind Of Pan
The bundt may be shaped differently than a flat cookie sheet, but it’s still a great tool for baking delicious recipes in the oven! From pull-apart pizza to breakfast sausage bread, this cool pan proves that you don’t always have to use it to bake sweets!
Carrot Cake Flavored Monkey Bread
There’s no monkeying around with this bread – this is some serious carrot cake flavored deliciousness! It’s so easy to pull apart and nibble on, you might have to bake a second one just in case. Find out how to make this yummy monkey bread over at Something Swanky.

Sausage Breakfast Bread
Do you love sausage, egg and cheese for breakfast? This version has all of it mixed in with the bread too! The recipe for this magical breakfast creation can be found over at The Neighborhood Moms.

Baked Mac And Cheese
An old favorite is cooked up in a new way! Amsterdam & Beyond has a great recipe for making this cheesy pasta delight.

Savory Monkey Bread
Who says monkey bread has to be sweet? This savory delight is made with refrigerated biscuit dough, which is dipped in a delicious blend of fresh herbs and cheese. You can’t go wrong with this! The recipe for this scrumptious dish can be found at Five Heart Home.

Pull Apart Pizza
Wait…what? Pizza in a bundt pan? Absolutely! There’s no need to embellish this one with words. Just go to Mm Good ASAP for the recipe.

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