Do You Know What Does This Symbol On Every Gadget’s Power Button Mean?

You see this symbol everywhere. I can even say that is the most popular symbol being used in this century. Everyday, you switch on and off your mobile, TV, Laptop, Microwave oven, washing machine, or any other electrical or electronic appliance and see this symbol on the power button.

But I’m sure you’ve never wondered what this symbol mean? Is there any logic behind the design of this symbol? Wanna know about it?

Trust me, the logic behind the design of this power button symbol is very interesting, and you’ll never see the symbol this way ever again.

So, let’s find out.

Just see it for the last time because after reading further you’ll never see it this way ever again.
This is the last time you’re seeing the power button symbol this way.

See the symbol once again. Do you see an ‘I’ and ‘O’ sign?

Does this broken circle with a line inside it look like 1 and 0?

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