Do You Know Why Is There A Small Black Hole Between Your iPhone Camera And Flash?

No matter how much we call ourselves a pro in using and understanding iPhone, there are many things we still don’t know about it. Today I came up with something we notice every day in our iPhone, but we are still unable to figure it out.

Have you ever wondered why do we have a small black hole at the back of our iPhone between camera and flash? Do you think is it a reset button or something?

Let’s find out. Also, watch the full descriptive video in the end.

So, what do you think is it for?
Image via apple

Well, this guy on Reddit thought this might be a reset hole and poked something in there to push that button. So, what do you think he did?
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Yeah, you guessed it right. Basically, he popped the mic into phone’s internal.
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Yeah, you read it right, this tiny hole is a microphone. Technically, it is not a microphone because it won’t listen to your voice. So, why is it for?
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Well, this microphone is called noise canceling microphone which.
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…can virtually eliminate background noises so that the caller on the other end hears only crystal clear voice. It also helps to record your voice without any fillers and to make Siri’s recognition of your accent even better.

So, now you know that your iPhone has three mics and the tiny black dot at the back is a noise canceling microphone.
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Watch The Video & enjoy!

via Jordan Khan