Domino’s Manager Saves A Loyal Customer’s Life

For nearly a decade, Kirk Alexander has ordered a pizza from Domino’s every single day. The man mostly kept to himself, but still the neighbors and the Domino’s delivery staff knew him as a good guy who helped out when he could. Sarah Fuller, the manager at Kirk’s Domino’s of choice, noticed that he hadn’t ordered his pizza in a while. Sarah decided to look up Kirk’s most recent order on the computer. It had been 11 days since his last order. Sarah couldn’t help but feel something was wrong. She sent one of her delivery workers to Kirk’s house.

The delivery guy knocked on his door. There was no answer. He called Kirk’s phone. It went straight to voice mail. The thing was, the lights in the house were on. They could hear the TV set going. Something was wrong. The Domino’s worker made the decision to call 911.

“Kind of scared, worried,” Sarah said of how she was feeling that day. “What happened? What was going on?”

The police officers arrived at his home and could hear Kirk crying out for help. Police reported that he was in need of immediate medical attention, but say that as of now he is in fair condition and recovering. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office released a formal thank-you to the Domino’s staff for being Good Samaritans. Their actions saved Kirk’s life. It’s easy to feel like there’s no community these days, but a few fast-food workers prove that when we least expect it, someone has always got our back.

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ABC News