Driving on one of the World's Most Dangerous Roads by Charan

First shared on Following October 18, 2015 , the video made by youtuber : Charanpreet singh went viral on Facebook. Charan , An chandigarh based software professional and pursue mountain biker and landscape photographer. sent us an email recently in which he wrote us:

This is with reference to the viral video of driving on the worlds most dangerous road. I would love to have my videos published on your website.

Also i would like to add some information for the article.

To start with, I am a biker and have been riding for the past 6 years mostly solo. This trip was planned with two friends of mine because of the difficulty level and danger factor of the stretch. Also keeping in mind that is a highly sensitive area owing to recent attacks in the past by various terrorist organisations in Jammu and Kashmir Valley India. I decided to not go alone but with friends.

Route Details-: Sach Pass is a high altitude pass in chamba district of Himachal pradesh India from where two diversions take place. one goes to Keylong and then manali while the other goes to Kishtwar. We took the second route.

Why we took the second route(Chamba – Sach Pass – Killar (Himachal pradesh)- Kishtwar(jammu and kashmir) – We wanted to do something different this time which has been done very few time’s in the past.The road is en-route – Killar(Pangi valley , Himachal pradesh) to Kishtwar (Jammu and Kashmir). The particular stretch which is called as the one of the World’s dangerous road lies between two villages Ishtiyari and Kyari. I am attaching a few pictures from the trip.This route basically falls on the two state border’s Himachal Pradesh and jammu and kashmir. There are numerous check posts of army and BCP(Border Police force) on the way. We had to remove all our luggage and get it checked because of the sensitivity of the area.There are many steep curves on the way to this particular stretch where even the bike tends to fall back sometimes. Well it was one of the most thrilling, and adventurous road i have rode so far. There are times where the road is really narrow and slushy because of waterfall’s , ofcourse the risk factor is there, but if you are driving carefully, it can be done without any problem. After this stretch ends there comes a quaint village named gulabgarh from where we have to take the road to Kishtwar(Our destination for that day). It is a zero traffic road as there are no villages on the way. We only encountered one mini truck which passed us. It is usually said as a precaution measure to not to stop at this road for a longer time due to security concerns.

I hope this much information is more than enough for the article. But if you need any more details on this, m just an email away .

Also. i would appreciate if you feature all the four parts of the video i have made for this particular stretch with narration.

Part – 1

Part – 2

Part – 3

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