Dubai : Construction Of The World’s New Tallest Tower To Start

Dubai has embarked upon yet another ambitious project to shock and impress the world in equal measure. Dubai Creek Harbour will be the world’s tallest building upon its completion. The high-rise building will leave the Burj Khalifa behind by nearly 100 meters and take over as the tallest structure in the world.

Spain-born designer, Santiago Calatrava’s Dubai Creek Harbour will be engineered by Aure-con and will incur a cost of nearly $1 billion.

Image Source: Inhabitat

The partnership between Aure-con and Calatrava will focus on the engineering and design aspects of the Dubai Creek Harbour tower. The tower will be the flagship of Emaar Properties’ Dubai Creek Harbour. Located in an open site next to a wildlife sanctuary, the project will flaunt a unique design by linking the major waterways of the area with the contemporary architecture.

The builders promise to erect a 928-meters-tall tower. The current tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa, which tops at 829.8-meter.

Image Source: Inhabitat

The new highest building will be designed using a central concrete column augmented with a network of steel support cables, to ensure safety against strong winds. Adrian Jones, Aure­con’s project director, commented on the venture:

“The Calatrava team were looking to work directly with experts who have had hands-on project experience on other super-tall and similar mega-projects. The tower will test the craftsmanship of Aurecon as we play our part in making a mark on the built fabric of mankind.”

The construction work on the tower is expected to be complete by 2020.

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