Farmer Hears Squeaking In Her Barn. When She Posted This On Facebook, People Couldn’t Believe It.

On the list of lovable animals, rats are not ranked high. In fact, most people would consider them pests, right up there with cockroaches.

Under normal circumstances, this farmer would certainly agree. Pests are constantly making problems in her barn, after all. But when she came across one on the brink of death, she made a stunning realization.

One day, while making the rounds in her barn, Andrea Davis heard a noise coming from her cow’s water bucket. It was a rat.

Photo via Facebook – Andrea Davis

Normally, she would dispose of it like any other pest, but something was different about this one. It was clearly exhausted and suffering from hypothermia. It needed help, and lots of it.

Photo via Facebook – Andrea Davis

She quickly dried him off, wrapped him up, and put him in a carrier cage with a hot water bottle to protect him from the cats that roamed the barn. She fed him soft little bits of chicken and slowly, his strength began to return.
Photo via Facebook – Andrea Davis

When he started climbing the walls of his cage, Andrea knew it was time for him to return to his family. He almost seemed sad to leave her.
Photo via Facebook – Andrea Davis

“I have been chastised for not killing the rats who live here,” Andrea wrote on Facebook. “But there was no reason I should not have responded to his need for help… whenever we can, we should act in ways that avoid causing pain or taking life from anyone who wants to live.” We couldn’t agree with her more.
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