Father Recreates Pictures From The Past With His Beautiful Daughter

Rafael is a single father, raising his daughter Raisa to be a strong, independent, and faithful young woman. He is in a lot of ways typical, but in one very large way, not. When Rafael was only 30 years old, he became a widower. And so, he put together this incredible album and video, for his daughter, for himself, and for his late wife Tatiana…
Six years ago Raisa’s mother, Tatiana, died in a car crash. The accident took both her and her unborn second child.
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Raisa was not yet one year old when her mother was taken from her.

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Raisa’s father, Rafael Del Col, wanted to do something special for their daughter, and so he decided to recreate some of his favorite pictures of himself and her mother, Tatiana.
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The original photos were taken in November of 2009, a week before Rafael and Tatiana were married.
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The second round of pictures were taken in November, 2014. Exactly 5 years later, and one year after Tatiana passed away.
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The necklace and shoes are the same ones worn by her mother in the pictures.
Image via diariodaraisinha

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