Girls Confessed About How Famous Celebrities Treated Them In Bed, Number 8 Is Too Insane!

Recently, Redditors surprised us stating what secrets they knew about some famous Hollywood celebrities. Behind their charisma, talent and personality, some celebs are ‘sexually’ naughty on their fans. Expectedly, it has become a famous topic flocked by lovers of entertainment gossips.

A question was published on AskReddit about girls who had sexual encounters with rock stars, as well as their before-and-after perception towards such celebrities. There was such a mix of different stories from around the world and that’s totally crazy!

I would agree if somebody would just switch their fandom to somebody else.

Adam Sandler
Image via Smhcom
Well, in 1992, Adam Sandler had a sexual experience with a girl, who happened to hook up with the user who confessed it to the thread. That’s a double whammy for the girl!

Justin Bieber
Image via nydailynews
According to a comment from mollym00n, her interaction with Bieber happened in Toronto back in 2013. What happened was more like a gangbang or an orgy, where there were more boys who hit her up aside from Justin. In exchange for that sexual experience, the girl had to sign confidential documents, and her phone was confiscated as well.

Will I Am
Image via nydailynews
NuQ shared that back in the early 2000s, her friend had sex with the then-issued-as-gay Black Eyed Peas member Will I Am. She’s boasting about this ‘special moment’ with the star. Later on, when the group was interviewed in an entertainment correspondent ambush and asked the group of what they did recently, Will I Am answered that he bought dozens of condoms and each one (but he did not disclose how many people did he do the thing with). Her friend stopped talking about this instance later.

Jason Derulo
Image via etonline
Reddit user analrapiststocking gave an account about a girl living in his town, who got laid by Jason Derulo. Apparently, this girl already had a boyfriend–who’s an emerging professional athlete–that time, and she shut off the guy over Derulo. This scoop diffused to a wider audience so it has become an insult to this athlete. At times, when this athlete plays his game, opponents sing “Jasooooon Derulo” to distract him.

Lil Wayne
Image via Abcnews

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