Google Offered $6,006.13 To The Guy Who briefly purchased the domain

Google Offered $6,006.13 To MBA student Sanmay Ved Who Briefly Owned for $12.
Sanmay Ved / Via

Ved wrote about his ownership of the tech juggernaut’s domain name in a blog post on LinkedIn.

Ved’s purchase via Google Domains was canceled after about a minute, and he reported his experience to Google Security.
Google_Domains_Security_FollowingGoogle Domains
In October, Ved declared : “Though I have left Google, over the years I have reported several vulnerabilities to them, which they have acknowledged and corrected,” he said. “Never asked for rewards, nor spoken about them.”

But this week, Google’s security blog revealed the company had offered $6,006.13 to Ved as a reward for his help.

Ved instead donated the money to a charity that provides free education to children in rural India. So Google decided to double the reward money to match his donation.

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