He Goes To A Small Mud Hut In The Woods Every Week & What He Does There Is Astonishing.

Hobbies are called hobbies for a reason. Generally, they’re a fun little thing you do on the side, not something you shape your entire existence around. But that’s exactly what one man in Queensland Australia has done… and it’s really intense.

The man behind the popular YouTube channel Primitive Technology lives in a normal house with all the usual modern amenities. But when the weekend arrives, he heads out into the woods to a small mud hut and does something amazing.

This man builds his own primitive tools from scratch.

It takes weeks and months to create these amazing tools. Not only does he have to make every piece of this bow himself, he has to make the tools as well!
But more amazing than the final result – which is fully functional by the way and more than capable of taking down an animal (or a human opponent!) – is the process itself.
There’s something wonderfully meditative about watching him work.
Once he cleaned the green twigs that he cut for this purpose, he sharpened their tips with a knife.
He used the feathers of a wild turkey he caught himself to act as fletching for the arrows.

Checkout the whole video if you think that”s impressive.

I can barely keep it together when my internet’s down, forget trying to make my own primitive hunting tools…
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